Other animals

A Siamese mix who was being fostered by family.


Our tripod cat, she had a deformed leg that was amputated.


A cat we found dumped in the woods.


Our house pig...who is foaming at the mouth while I cook dinner.

"Miss Wiggles"

When folks come to visit for the first time they are always surprised that we have other animals. I thought it would be fun to make a page showing our other kids.

We also have:

An outside "barn" cat named Gabby.

A Russian tortoise named Mr. Fredrickson.

2 Parakeets.

Jacob has a hamster named Mew, and Lucas has a hedgehog named Chocolate Chip.

A leopard gecko name Meatloaf.

A rabbit named Jellybean.

Chickens for eggs, silkie chickens and ducks.

And 4 fish tanks of fish