Sunriser's Speed Racer Of Kiana CGC

How we got him: Jan & Len Haring used Viktor at stud for their female Pepper. We took back Apollo for our stud fee payment. 

How he got his name: We had been avidly watching the 2010 winter Olympics, and decided to give him a name of an athlete. Apollo is named after Apolo Anton Ohno the short track speed skater. We decided to use Speed Racer as his registered name, since that is what Apolo is.

Training and showing: Apollo is being trained in obedience by Scott.

Career in harness: 2010/2011 will be Apollo's first season in harness.

Some more about him: Apollo is such an awesome puppy. The first full weekend we had him we took him to the Can-Am. He rode well in the dog box, sleeping 8 hours over night, and when we dropped him on the line he went to the bathroom right away. He is good on a leash, and is not afraid of anything. At 3 months of age I could put him out with the adults to play. His half brother Vince thinks that Apollo is a cool dog! I think he will do well in obedience like his half siblings.

His best friend: Apollo is pals with Varitek.  

His favorite thing: Being with people.

Eyes: too young

Hips: too young