Kiana's Leave It To Beaver SDO, RN

How we got him: Beaver was born in our kennel. His sire is Mannie and his dam is Valeska, Beaver was from a litter of 6 puppies. 

How he got his name: I'm afraid that the way he got his name is rated "R" if you really want to know ask me sometime. After Beaver got his name we decided to go with an animal theme for the litter. He learned his name by 5 weeks of age. It only seemed natural to register him as "Leave It To Beaver"

Training and showing: Scott tried training Beaver in beginner obedience when he was young, but he soon gave up on him. We decided that Beaver needed some time to mature before being trained further.

The summer of 2010 I needed another entry for the Lakes Region Kennel Club trial. I decided to enter Beaver and then train him, at home, in a three week period. The first week was rough and I was wondering what the heck I was thinking. The second week was smoother, and the third week was not that bad. Beaver had never been to a show, but nothing fazes him so I figured he would be fine. He started and finished his Rally Novice title that weekend. All of his scores were in the 90s (out of 100). He finished his title in style with a 96 and 2nd place. Not bad for a dog who could not finish a 7 week puppy class.

Career in harness: 2007/08 was Beaver's first season in harness. He did great! We are so proud of him. He finished his Sled Dog title and picked up a couple of legs towards his Sled Dog Excellent title his first season. Beaver finished his SDX title during the 2009 season, and his Sled Dog Outstanding title in 2011. He is an incredible sled dog the best we have bred besides his mother.

Some more about him: Beaver was my favorite male in that litter. When he was a tiny puppy I would steal him from Valeska and let him snuggle in bed with me while I read or watched TV. Beaver is still a mommas boy. He hugs me every time he sees me. Beaver has lots of personality and he loves life in general.

His best friend: Beaver loves his sisters, Jadis and Circe.  

His favorite thing: People!

Eyes: S-11190/12-71

Hips:SH-17045E37M-VPI (Excellent)