Blackdales Bobby Dazzler CGC, TKN, VHM, ATT
color: brindle & white
eye color: brown
DOB: 2/7/20

How we got him: Well.... While at a dog show, the summer of 2019, Jacob decided he loves Corgis. I'm talking a deep obsession with Corgis. After researching them he decided that a Cardigan was the right breed for him. He met several breeders, and one amazing breeder told him she would get him a pup. He saved his money and proudly brought him home.

How he got his name: Jacob enjoys the show The Curse Of Oak Island. The best episodes are when they find a top pocket item, a real bobby dazzler. One night, before Bob was born, Jacob informed us of the name of his puppy.

Training and showing: Jacob trained Bob in a Canine Good Citizen class the summer of 2020. Even though Jacob was nervous he was able to earn Bob's CGC and Novice Trick Dog title. The summer of 2021 Jacob earned Bob's Virtual Home Manners title. Scott took Bob through the AKC temperament test course for that title.

Some more about him: Bob is so funny, and super cute. I'm pretty sure he thinks he is a Siberian, and his legs will grow one day. Easy to train and quick to learn. Slightly stubborn, and super slow (I'm used to Trish who has short legs, but is fast).

His best friend: Trish and Carbon

His favorite thing: He adores Jacob.


Hips: OFA Good
Elbows: Normal