Kiana's Carrigan Mountain SD
color: red & white
eye color: blue
DOB: 5/28/12

How we got her: Carrigan was born in our kennel. She was from our Virgil and Circe litter. 

How she got her name: We went with NH mountain theme for the litter. I thought the name Carrigan fit her just fine, so we kept the name.

Training and showing: Carrigan needs more training before she can do much in obedience. She thinks showing in the breed ring is dumb!

Career in harness: Carrigan is a fearless dog in harness. I call her a co-leader simply because she is too fearless to be a leader. She thinks she owns the trail and will try to run the snow mobiles right off the trail. We have not been running the dogs as much since the boys were born. 2017 was the first year we raced the dogs even though we started training 2 months late. Carrigan was able to finish her SD title in 2017 running in lead with her dad.

Some more about her: Carrigan is a little spit fire. We had bred the litter in hopes to get more Valeska. Carrigan looks like her great-grandma Cinnamon, and also has her attitude. She can be calm and well behaved, but is also full of herself. She is very smart, and I hope she will go far in life.

Her best friend: Carrigan loves Zelda.

Her favorite thing: Carrigan loves going for walks.

Eyes: cleared


2013 - Hill old dog & puppy class

2014 - Hill Fun Run 12 miles

2017 - Jefferson Fun Run 20 miles ~ Wonalancet Fun Run 30 miles ~ Chinook Trail 25 miles ~ The Great North Woods Challenge ~ Hill Fun Run

2018 - Milan Fun Run 16 miles ~ Nansen Ski Club Sled Dog Race 17 miles ~ Hill Fun Run

2019 - Jefferson Fun Run 17 miles each day ~ Wonalancet 11 miles ~ Nansen Winter Carnival 13 miles each day ~ Great North Woods Challenge 16 miles