Kiana's Mopar Muscle RN

How we got him: Charger was born in our kennel. He was from our Tres X Valeska litter.

How he got his name: We went with an antique vehicle theme for the litter. Charger was named after a Dodge Charger. Scott came up with the registered name Mopar Muscle since Mopar supplies parts for the Chargers.

Training and showing: I'm sure that Charger will have a great career in the show ring. I showed Charger in the Rally ring and finished his Rally Novice title. We picked up one leg at the Yankee Siberian Husky Specialty. Then his second leg at the Siberian Husky National Specialty Show. His third leg was at an all breed show where he took second place (and I was very pregnant). Next we hope to show Charger in the breed ring, and hopefully he will start picking up some points.

Career in harness: Charger's first season in harness I was pregnant, and he got out very little, but I saw his potential. His second year he went to work for Maryland Sled Dog Adventures, and even ran a race for them. When he came back I was able to hook him up for several runs. I am very pleased with how hard working he is. This past year Charger proved himself. He is an "A" string dog for sure. I love that he works so hard like his mom.

Some more about him: I have always wanted a male that looks like Valeska. I was very pleased when he was born. I do admit that I have been attached to him since birth. He really is a punk though, he will talk back whenever he gets a chance (just like his mother at that age) and he also thinks he is all that (no need to say who that is also like).

His best friend: Charger gets along with everyone, but thinks he is a ladies man.  

His favorite thing: TALKING!

Eyes: S11505/13-32

Hips: too young