Kiana's Life Of Pi CGC, RN, RATI
color: red & white
eye color: amber
DOB: 3/14/13

How we got her: Circle was born in our kennel. She was from our Joker and Nova litter. 

How she got her name: The puppies were born on pi-day. So she ended up with the name Circle. Then registered name Life Of Pi...which I thought was a horrible book, and I never saw the movie, but it works.

Training and showing: Circle first earned her Canine Good Citizen title. Then she finished her Rally Novice title. She took first place for her 1st leg, and 4th place for her 3rd leg. So she does have some potential. I will start working her further this spring.

Circle has her Barn Hunt Instinct title, but has zero prey drive.

Career in harness: Circle tries hard in harness, but does not have the natural speed to keep up with the main team. She does enjoy running lead for our boys. She has even led Jacob's team for 7 miles.

Some more about her: Circle is Jacob's puppy. From the time she was a little puppy she was all about Jacob. Circle is one of the most loving and gentle Siberian Huskies on the planet. She gets along with everyone. Circle lives in the house with us.

Her best friend: Circle loves to play with everyone!

Her favorite thing: Circle LOVES Jacob.

Eyes: Cleared