Kiana's Clarabelle Cow
color: black & white piebald
eye color: brown
DOB: 3/22/21

How we got her: Clarabelle was born in our kennel. She is from our Valor and Eris litter.

How she got her name: Well, she looks like a black and white cow. We named her after Disney's Clarabelle.

Training and showing: Like her dad she loves to work. She is super smart and learns fast. She is bold and loves everyone, she has a great future ahead of her. She loved her puppy classes this past summer!

Career in harness: It will be a while before she is in harness.

Some more about her: Clarabelle is outgoing and curious of everyone and everything. She loves to go out in the play areas and boss around all the other dogs.

Her best friend: Clarabelle loves her mom Eris.

Her favorite thing: bossing everyone around.

Eyes: cleared 2021