Kiana's Little Coyuk CGC, WTD

How we got her: Coyuk was from our first litter, she was born on our wedding night, and we could have not received a better wedding present. 

How she got her name: Koyuk is a checkpoint in the Iditarod, I figured we should be different and use a "c" instead of "k".

Training and showing: My brother Paul trained Coyuk in obedience and put a Canine Good Citizen title on her.

Coyuk thought that being a show dog was stupid so we never pushed her to show.

Ali hiked with Coyuk and picked up legs towards her Working Pack Dog title.

Career in harness: Coyuk ran lead for us before we had Pando and Kyia. She is a hard driving dog who has produced many leaders for us. In her younger days Coyuk raced on my team.

Some more about her: We would not be where we are at today if it was not for Coyuk. She has produced wonderful leaders, that produced leaders in the second and third generation. Coyuk loves playing with puppies, and she knows which ones she is grandmother or great-grandmother to. Coyuk is the silent dog in our kennel, she is a lady and she would never dream of doing something like bark.

Her best friend(s): Coyuk is best friends with her daughter Pando and pal Orion.

Her favorite thing: Coyuk loves puppies!

Eyes: S-7576/03-84

Hips: SH-12822G26F-T

gonioscopy 40% (normal)

Coyuk is spayed and enjoying retirement.