Kiana's Dug

How we got him: Dug was born in our kennel. He was from our Beaver and Hailee litter.

How he got his name: Dug was named after the dog in the movie Up. We are still trying to come up with a registered name for him. Go to this link on Youtube to see his namesake.

Training and showing: Dug will start obedience training soon.  I also hope to show him in the breed ring.

Career in harness: Dug is a puppy and will start his career in the 2011 season.

Some more about him: Dug is a well behaved puppy.  I know he is pretty smart.  He is a handsome piebald with gorgeous markings.

His best friend: Dug's best friend is his brother Varitek.

His favorite thing: He loves to chew on toys & bones.

Eyes: too young

Hips: too young