Kiana's Danger Mouse VHMA, ATT, BCAT
color: black & white
eye color: brown
DOB: 5/30/22

How we got her: Ebony was born in our kennel. Her mom is Honey and the plan was to breed her to a a nice show dog, but Honey was having a weird heat cycle, so we bred her to Max. You cannot go wrong with the amazing Max as a sire.

How she got her name: Scott named her Ebony. Her registered name has a story for sure! Ebony was the smartest and friendliest puppy in the litter. I kept telling everyone how awesome she was, yet each person on my waiting list passed her up because "she is too dark". I sent those people to another breeder and I figured the right home would come along. Before she turned 8 weeks old she got her mouth caught on a hook and she ended up really sore and in need of antibiotics. Apparently that injury did not get her enough attention. A couple of weeks later she tried digging under the kennel and she got her wrist caught under the fence. She was stuck like that for a couple of hours (we later checked the cameras) since we were not home. We had to get a crowbar to lift the kennel panel and the swelling in her wrist was super scary. Scott rushed her to the ER. Hundreds, and I do mean hundreds, of dollars later they told us her growth plates were okay, nothing was broken, she just had major swelling and possible tendon damage. We had to keep her quiet and not let her run around. Ebony finally got the attention she wanted. Despite her super young age she showed us she was a big dog in a small dog package. She has never needed a crate, she has never done anything 'bad' that you would expect a young dog to do. Her wrist is not perfect, but she does not have a limp. We hope that she will stop hurting herself now that she is a bed dog. Even though her sister was my pick puppy Ebony ended up being the true pick of the litter when she stole our hearts.

Training and showing: Ebony loves all of us, but she is really Scott's dog so he will train her. She is so very smart and she will go far for sure! Like her dad she will never be able to hit the breed ring because of her injury. She will excel at many other sports though, also like her dad. The first thing Scott did with her was training for her Virtual Home Manners Adult title. The summer of 2023 Ebony earned her AKC Temperament test title. Next up she finished her BCAT title in Fast Cat, she started working on her DCAT title.

Career in harness: It will be a while before she is in harness.

Some more about her: Scott was hit hard last year when he lost both of 'his' dogs, Circe and Vince, and I watched him struggle for months. Ebony came into his world and Scott has that love for the dogs back again. Ebony is fearless and loyal.

Her best friend: All 4 of us

Her favorite thing: Toys

Eyes: cleared 2022