Siberians spoiled and loved by our families

"Scott's mother"

 Wild-Roses Kimo Sabe CGC,CD
12/28/94 - 4/17/02
Kimo was our second Siberian Husky. Kimo really stood out from his littermates. Later we found out that his fur was a fault, and he was a "wooly". Kimo was my first obedience dog, I learned a lot from him. He was the sweetest, funniest dog that I have had the joy of loving. I let Kimo go live with Scott's mother because I knew that he would be happiest being a spoiled house dog verses a kennel dog. Kimo had a good life, he died (too young) from a tumor on his heart.


Tika Chevak Kiana CGC
11/4/93 - 11/1/07

Tika was our first Siberian Husky. Tika was known for her complaining when she went to obedience classes. We earned her CGC title, but never went further with her obedience career. After Scott's mother lost Kimo we sent Tika to live with her. Tika loved sleeping on the couch or outside in one of Nancy's gardens. Tika was a stubborn, but funny, dog. She will always have a special place in our hearts. Tika had a nice long life, Scott's mother took wonderful care of her.



"Corina's brother Paul"

 Kiana's Fatal Beauty

Nikita is Pando and Kyia's littermate. We gave Nikita to Paul for his 16th birthday. Nikita adores Paul, and Paul loves his dog very much. Nikita travels the USA with Paul while he works at Renaissance Fairs. Nikita is a great people dog, she loves everyone she meets. We joke that Nikita thinks she is a person because of the way Paul raised her. Everyone who meets her thinks she is still a puppy.


"Scott's father"

Kiana's Nikka
CAN CH Kortar's D'arc Angel CGN, CGC

Nikka is Pando and Kyia's littermate. Scott's father adopted her when she was returned to us. Nikka suffered from separation anxiety because she had always lived with another dog. We sent Touzik to live with Nikka and they quickly became friends. Nikka and Touzik enjoy skijoring with Scott's father. They are pictured here taking second place from the two dog class at the Yankee Siberian Husky Club's rig race.