Gone, but never forgotten

I have sometimes thought of the final cause of dogs having such short lives and I am quite satisfied it is in compassion to the human race; for if we suffer so much in losing a dog after an acquaintance of ten or twelve years, what would it be like if they were to double that time? ~ Sir Walter Scott


Canann's Orion Of Cheah

12/17/1986 - 7/1/1996


Tanacross Silver Innisfrees

11/21/1990 - 8/8/1998


Princess Kira

12/17/1984 - 12/16/1999


Wild-Roses Kimo Sabe CGC, CD

12/28/94 - 4/17/02


Cinnamin Of The Yukon Kiska

3/8/90 - 9/13/03


Northome Stella

7/23/03 - 10/2/06


Kryska's Kadiak Bear Of Kiana WPD, CGC, AM/CAN CD, RN

7/3/96 - 4/20/07


Tika Chevak Kiana CGC

11/4/93 - 11/1/07


Kiana's Precious Pando CGC, WPD, WLD, RN

6/11/98 - 8/3/09


Kiana's Little Coyuk CGC, WTD

6/1/96 - 9/30/11


CAN CH Sequoia's The Memory Remains CGC, TT, AM/CAN CD, RN, WPD, SD
- 9/30/11


AM/CAN CH Denali's Lil Bit O Majik Of Kiana WPD, SD, CGC, TT, RN, CD
- 3/21/13


Kiana's Kopper Kyia CGC, WPD, WLD, SD

6/11/98 - 3/26/13


AM/CAN CH Kiana's Burning Fire TT, SD, CGC

2/21/01 - 9/1/13


Northomes Maniac SD

10/12/03 - 2/28/14


Kiana's Diesel Of Aniscar CGC, RN, SDX, RATI, RATN

5/22/06 - 10/18/20


Kiana's Midnight Cowboy CGC, RN, SD, TKN

4/1/10 - 11/1/20



CAN CH Kiana's Khocolate Kiss CGC, TT, WPD, WLD, RE, SDO, RATI, RATN "Valeska" 7/19/00 - 12/24/15
I have not been able to add my heart dog to this page. It is hard enough to see these other great dogs here.
I plan on one day making a memorial page for her, for now I will just put a link to her page.
Someday, when it does not hurt as bad, I will write a tribute and link it here.