Gone, but never forgotten


Canann's Orion Of Cheah

12/17/1986 - 7/1/1996


Tanacross Silver Innisfrees

11/21/1990 - 8/8/1998


Princess Kira

12/17/1984 - 12/16/1999


Wild-Roses Kimo Sabe CGC, CD

12/28/94 - 4/17/02


Cinnamin Of The Yukon Kiska

3/8/90 - 9/13/03


Northome Stella

7/23/03 - 10/2/06


Kryska's Kadiak Bear Of Kiana WPD, CGC, AM/CAN CD, RN
7/3/96 - 4/20/07


Tika Chevak Kiana CGC

11/4/93 - 11/1/07


Kiana's Precious Pando CGC, WPD, WLD, RN

6/11/98 - 8/3/09


Kiana's Little Coyuk CGC, WTD

6/1/96 - 9/30/11


CAN CH Sequoia's The Memory Remains CGC, TT, AM/CAN CD, RN, WPD, SD
- 9/30/11


AM/CAN CH Denali's Lil Bit O Majik Of Kiana WPD, SD, CGC, TT, RN, CD
- 3/21/13


Kiana's Kopper Kyia CGC, WPD, WLD, SD

6/11/98 - 3/26/13


AM/CAN CH Kiana's Burning Fire TT, SD, CGC

2/21/01 - 9/1/13


Northomes Maniac SD

10/12/03 - 2/28/14

I have sometimes thought of the final cause of dogs having such short lives and I am quite satisfied it is in compassion to the human race; for if we suffer so much in losing a dog after an acquaintance of ten or twelve years, what would it be like if they were to double that time?

Sir Walter Scott

CAN CH Kiana's Khocolate Kiss CGC, TT, WPD, WLD, RE, SDO, RATI, RATN "Valeska" 7/19/00 - 12/24/15
I have not been able to add my heart dog to this page. It is hard enough to see these other great dogs here. I plan on one day making a memorial page for her, for now I will just put a link to her page. Someday, when it does not hurt as bad, I will write a tribute and link it here.