Kiana's Bit O Honey CGC, RI, TKI, SDX, WPD, ATT, FITS
color: gray & white
eye color: brown
DOB: 9/30/14

How we got her: Honey was born in our kennel. She was from our Diesel and Swift litter.

How she got her name: Jacob just started calling her Honey and it fit.

Training and showing: Scott took Honey to puppy class. Then I took over with her in the advanced class. She easily passed her CGC test. Honey got her 1st RN leg at the Yankee Siberian Husky Specialty. Then at the Lakes Region Kennel club she finished her RN title in style taking 1st place! For fun I taught Honey some tricks and earned her Novice Trick Dog title. Honey finished her Rally Intermediate title at the 2019 National. Honey earned her AKC temperament test title the summer of 2020. Also, during the summer of 2020, Honey finished her Intermediate Trick Dog title.

Honey finished her Fit Dog Bronze title the winter of 2023, and her Fit Dog Silver the spring of 2023.

Career in harness: Her first season in harness was amazing. I had to keep reminding myself how young she was. Unfortunately all the races were canceled due to lack of snow. The following season she came back just as strong. She ran lead in all of the races and finished her Sled Dog title. Her third season she showed us that she is a great leader and wants to be in lead all the time. 2019 she ran in lead for all 10 races, and finished her Sled Dog Excellent title.

Some more about her: Honey is a super fun dog. She learns real quick like her sire. Just an all around fun fun dog. Super pretty to look at too.

Her best friend: Honey loves her pal Amp.

Her favorite thing: Playing. She could play all day every day. She loves to carry around toys.


Eyes: cleared 2022

Hips: Excellent



2017 - Jefferson Fun Run 20 miles ~ Wonalancet Fun Run 30 miles ~ Brownville Maine 40 miles ~ Chinook Trail 25 miles ~ The Great North Woods Challenge ~ Hill Fun Run

2018 - Milan Fun Run 16 miles ~ Nansen Ski Club Sled Dog Race 17 miles ~ Chinook Trail 14 miles ~ Blue Mountain Sled Dog Race 19 miles ~ Hill Fun Run

2019 - Carpe Diem 9 miles ~ Jefferson Fun Run 17 miles each day ~ Wonalancet 11 miles ~ Chinook Trail 14 miles ~ Blue Mountain Sled Dog Race 18 miles ~ Nansen Winter Carnival 13 miles each day ~ Great North Woods Challenge 16 miles ~ Grantham Fun Run 12 miles