Kiana's Wicked Winter CGC, RN, SDX

How we got her: Jadis was born in our kennel. She was from our Mannie and Valeska litter. 

How she got her name: I named her Jadis after the White Witch in "The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe". The White Witch magically forced Narnia into a never-ending winter. We registered her as "Wicked Winter" to go with her call name.

Training and showing: Scott trained Jadis in basic obedience. They did earn her Canine Good Citizen the summer of 2008 and then her Rally Novice Title.

Career in harness: 2008 was Jadis' first season in harness. She ran lead her very first season. She picked up a couple of legs towards her Sled Dog title her first season, and finished her SD in 2009. She finished her Sled Dog Excellent title in 2011. Jadis was working on her Sled Dog Outstanding title, but went blind in 2012.

Some more about her: Jadis looks like her father but is more like her mother. She was a natural in harness like her mother, and was a great leader. Jadis is sweet as can be, and loves attention. Jadis went blind in 2012. At first the specialist told us it was Lyme, but all of her test came back fine. So then she said it was from hormones. I had Jadis spayed. A few weeks later she became paralyzed. After some more vet visits we found out that Jadis has Demyelinating Disease brought on from the Optic Neuritis (which caused her blindness). After some treatment she was able to walk again.

Her best friend: Her best friends are her mom Valeska and her sister Circe.

Her favorite thing: Jadis loves people & belly rubs!

Eyes: S-11189/12-71

Hips: SH-17046G38F-VPI (Good)