Kiana's Midnight Cowboy CGC, RN, SD, TKN
color: jet black & white
eye color: brown
DOB: 4/1/10

How we got him: Joker was from our Lance and Jadis litter born on April Fools Day. Lance planned the litter himself, so it was funny that they were born on April Fools.

How he got his name: We went with an April Fools theme for the litter. There was a Joker in the litter, but this pup was actually called Bozo. Scott was very happy that the name Joker was not kept, so our pup became Joker. We were thinking of using a line from the song The Joker by Steve Miller Band. We like the line "I'm a mid-night toker" because of his black coat, but did not want him to sound like a pot head. The first line of the song is "Some people call me the space cowboy yeah" we could not call him space cowboy because that is another Steve Miller Band song. I did not want people to think I was one of the many people out there who call The Joker by the wrong name. So we combined the two and used Midnight Cowboy. He is not named after the 1969 movie.

Training and showing: Scott trained Joker in basic obedience. He got his Canine Good Citizen title at 6 months of age. Joker also earned his first Rally Novice leg at 6 months of age placing 4th at an all breed obedience trial. Then he went on to finish his Rally Novice title before 8 months of age.

Career in harness: I had not planned on racing Joker for the 2011 season. I had been training him with the old dogs, and Joker did not have the mileage that the race dogs had. Then when Viktor's tendon started bothering him I needed a dog to take Viktor's place on that tour team. So I added Joker to the team. He jumped right in and did well. Then I decided what the heck he can run a couple of races, the experience would be good for him. He is an amazing dog in harness, and has even started running in lead. Because we have not really been racing much since the birth of our boys it took a while to finish his Sled Dog title. He finished his SD at the Hill Fun Run in 2015.

Some more about him: Talk about a wonderful dogs. Tons of personality, super smart, and handsome. He has a wonderful future ahead of him. We like to take Joker to demos because he loves people and children so much. Joker loves doing tours because he enjoys people so much.

His best friend: Joker loves his buddy Vince.

His favorite thing: Eating plants.

Eyes: Cleared


2011 - Wonalancet Fun Run 15 miles ~ To the Dam & Back

2012 - Wonalancet Fun Run 15 miles ~ Stratford Nighthawks 17 miles

2013 - Hill Fun Run 12 miles

2014 - Wonalancet Fun Run 15 miles ~ Hill Fun Run 12 miles

2015 - Sandwich Notch 20 ~ Hill Fun Run 12 miles ~ Wonalancet Fun Run 30 miles

2017 - Jefferson Fun Run 20 miles ~ Wonalancet Fun Run 30 miles ~ Hill Fun Run