Kiana's Kitiara

How we got her: Kit was born in our kennel. Ben and Tymber planned the litter on their own. Tymber had 2 female puppies, we kept Kit. 

How she got her name: As a teenager Scott read Dragon Lance books, and he named Kitiara after one of the characters in those books.

Training and showing: Scott trained Kit for the show ring. She is a clean moving dog like both of her parents. Kit should do well in the ring once she matures a little.

Career in harness: Kit was a yearling during the 2007 season. She trained with all of the dogs during the fall, once we hit snow she ran lead with Kyia on the non-race team for the rest of the season. Kit did race during the 2008 season. We did not take her to all of the races because she was in season for a bunch of them. She did start working on her Sled Dog title.

Some more about her: Kit has tons of personality. She loves playing with other dogs. Beth played mom to Kit when she was little, don't worry Kit does not think she is a Basset Hound.

Her best friend: Kit's best friend is Hailee

Her favorite thing: Kit loves playing in water.

Eyes: S-10963/07-20

Hips: not done