Kiana's Kopper Kyia CGC, WPD, WLD, SD

How we got her: Kyia was born in our kennel. Her father was our Bear and her mother is Coyuk. 

How she got her name: We both liked the name Kyia, we used Kopper because of her red color.

Training and showing: Scott trained Kyia in basic obedience, and they earned her Canine Good Citizen title. I'm hoping that she can get her Rally Novice title.

Scott showed Kyia in the breed ring when she was a young dog. She wagged her tail the whole time she was in the ring.

Scott and I both hiked with Kyia to finish her Working Pack Dog title.

Career in harness: Kyia is a great lead dog. Kyia and her sister Pando were Scott's first race leaders. She was still in harness racing at 9.5 years of age. Kyia has her Sled Dog title, and has half of the mileage needed for her Sled Dog Excellent Title. She also has her Canadian Working Lead Dog title. Kyia is now retired from racing, but will still run on our recreational team.

Some more about her: Kyia is a sweet outgoing dog. She is always happy and loves to please. Kyia had one litter which produced our Valeska. Both girls live in the house with us.

Her best friend(s): Kyia is best friends with her two housemates Tannis and her daughter Valeska.

Her favorite thing: I would have to say that Kyia's favorite thing is being with us.

Eyes: cleared