How we got her: I decided we needed a dog to watch over the property and animals. I started doing research and fell in love with the Maremma Sheepdog. The breed sounded just like what we were looking for. I started looking for breeders. I could not find a breeder that I could connect with. After months of research I thought "I wonder if I should just get a rescue dog?" I checked the Maremma rescue and there she was in RI. I could not believe I found one so close I figured there would not be any to be found in rescue. I filled out an application. The foster mom had labeled her as a difficult dog and was pretty much resigned to the fact that she would have to keep her. Something made her look at my application though. We spoke, I drove down to meet her, then another day she was brought up to live with us.

How she got her name: Her original owners named her Maggie. The foster mom renamed her Kyia since she already had a Maggie. We could not use the name Kyia because of our Kyia. So Scott came up with Kyla.

Some more about her: She is such an amazing dog. Everything the breed is supposed to be. She watches over us, and does not let anyone come onto the property without an ok from us. She keeps the deer away from my gardens. She watches over all the animals we own. She is so gentle with every animal, and wants to be friends with every creature (except bugs, bugs are evil in her mind...which is funny to watch). She is super super stubborn, I can see why she could not have a normal home. She likes to get in trouble sometimes for fun, like drag out garbage, etc. Everyone who meets Kyla falls in love with her. Even though she is like a big untrained puppy.

Kyla is a perfect example of why people need to research before  they buy a particular breed. Maremma's need a flock of animals to watch over. Her original owner decided to buy a sheepdog despite the fact that he did not have any animals for her to watch over. Every day Kyla ran away to hang out with the cows at a farm down the road. The farmer was not going to tolerate it anymore. The owners dumped her in rescue...for doing what she was bred to do.

Here we let Kyla decide where she wants to be. Sometimes she wants to come in the house and we let her. Mostly she likes to sleep on the porch so she can listen for invaders, if she hears anything she goes out the dog door and chases whatever it was away. She also has 2 large dog houses that she can sleep in if she wants. She is like a Siberian Husky and enjoys being outside.

Her best friend: Kyla loves Trish.

Her favorite thing: Anything that breathes air...except bugs.