Kiana's Dream Come True SDX
color: black & white
eye color: brown
DOB: 2/25/08

How we got him: Lance was born in our kennel. His sire is Mark and his dam is Gynger.

How he got his name: He is named after Lance Mackey, 4 time Yukon Quest & 4 time Iditarod Champion. Before the litter was born I had a dream that Gynger's first born puppy would look like Belle, and we would keep him and name him Lance. In my waking dreams I had planned on keeping a white male. I told Scott about the dream the second I woke up. When Gynger did whelp 2 days later her first born male looked just like Belle. Things got tough after he was born. Gynger had hard time whelping and we lost 5 puppies (3 of them were white). I was able to save 1 male, and Scott saved 1 female. We stuck with my dream and kept Lance. We picked Dream Come True as his registered name to go with theme.

Training and showing: I have high hopes for his future. I trained him in obedience, and he is doing pretty good, but he is dramatic. He got first place and a trophy when he graduated his basic obedience class. I plan on waiting to enter him at any shows.

Career in harness: Lance was a puppy in the 2008/2009 season and I had not planned on running him in harness very much, but things changed. He had a weird phobia about his neck being touched. I entered him in obedience classes to work with him more, but the classes did not help his problem. I decided that running him in harness would fix the problem, and I was right. I also found out that he is a super awesome guy in harness. When he was a pup I would sometimes whoa the team to run up and kiss him on the head because he is so good.

Lance finished his Sled Dog title in 5 straight races his first race season in harness. Lance then finished his Sled Dog Excellent title in 2011. Lance was working on his Sled Dog Outstanding title but his career ended when he had a bad kennel injury. His leg was broken in 2 places. It did heal just fine, and the orthopedic vet said he would not even get arthritis. The breaks did change his gait and he can no longer move the way he could before the break. That slows him down enough that he can no longer keep up with the rest of the team.

Some more about him: He was a bit of a brat as a young puppy. He was definitely the loudest puppy I have ever kept. Thank goodness he grew out of that. He is so laid back it is funny. He gets along with everyone, and loves the ladies. I call him Baby Lance (since he is dramatic about things).

His best friend: He gets along with everyone.

His favorite thing: He loves to chew on things like sticks. His kennel is usually leaf free since he pounces them as they fall out of the air.

Eyes: Cleared many times

Hips: SH-17201E25M-VPI



2010 - Will Cowie Memorial Fun Run 24 miles ~ Eagle Lake 30 miles ~ Wonalancet Fun Run 15 miles ~ Brownville 30 miles ~ The Wilderness Race 30 miles

2011 - Bristol Falls Fun Run ~ Stratford Nighthawks 30/30 ~ The Wilderness Race 30 miles ~ Sandwich Notch 45 miles ~ Wonalancet Fun Run 15 miles ~ To the Dam & Back ~ Groveton Season Ender

2012 - Wonalancet Fun Run 15 miles ~ Stratford Nighthawks 17 miles

2013 - Wonalancet Fun Run 15 miles (1st place) ~ Hill Fun Run 12 miles