Kiana's Foolish Pride

How we got her: Layla was born in our kennel. She was from our Kermit and Circe litter.

How she got her name: I had always wanted a Layla.  She is named Layla after the Derek & The Dominoes song.  Her registered name is a line from that song.

Training and showing: Layla will start obedience training soon.

Career in harness: Layla is a puppy and will start her career in the 2011 season.

Some more about her: Layla got her mother's sweetness & her father's voice.  She is an interesting pup. I'm going to let Scott train her.

Her best friend: Layla loves her mother Circe.

Her favorite thing: She loves to run and leap over the boys.

Eyes: too young

Hips: too young