Kiana's Chosen Prey CGC, RN, SDX

How we got him: Lucas was born in our kennel. His sire is Viktor and his dam is Anika.

How he got his name: Scott and I love the "Prey" novels by John Sanford. Lucas is named after the main character Lucas Davenport. His registered name also goes with the theme.

Training and showing: I was really hoping to show him in the breed ring, but his second testicle never came down. It kills us each time we see him move out because we know that he will never be a show ring champion. He is a champion in our eyes though!

Scott trained Lucas in obedience and put a Canine Good Citizen Title on him and then a Rally Novice Title.

Career in harness: The first season Lucas was in harness I decided that I would throw him in lead with Valeska. He is one of those dogs that was born knowing what to do in lead. During his first run in lead: He kept the line out on a 14 dog team. Then jumped started when I said lets go. He took us past a loose dog. Seemed to know gee/haw. Is a natural gee over dog. And to top it off Valeska enjoyed running with him.

Lucas has raced in lead on my team for most of the 2009 season. Although he did complete Scott's 8 dog team at 2 races. Lucas finished his SD title with 180 miles (he only needed 100 miles), and finished his SDX in 2011.

Some more about him: Lucas is a sweet lovable guy. He is a smart boy who learns quickly. Lucas is the kind of dog I enjoy taking places because he is so well behaved (although his energy level is very high). He will just hang out in the back seat of my car. A big time favorite in the yard.

His best friend: He loves everybody, and he wished Kermit liked him back.

His favorite thing: He loves to go for car rides.

Eyes: not done

Lucas is altered.