Northomes Maniac SDO

How we got him: We got Mannie as a young puppy from Al & Ann Stead of Northome Kennel in Minnesota. I had always wanted an almost all black Siberian.

How he got his name: Mannie was already named when we got him. I can only imagine that he must have been a "maniac" as a puppy.

Career in harness: Mannie is an incredible sled dog. Hard working and fast. We have both raced Mannie, but mostly he runs on Scott's team. Mannie was our second dog to finish a Sled Dog Outstanding Title.

Some more about him: Mannie likes to play with other dogs, and you can always catch him with a big smile on his face. The best place to really get to know Mannie is at a race when he is in his element.

His best friend: Mannie loves the ladies. If she is cute she is Mannie's best friend.

His favorite thing: Mannie loves being on the grooming table. He enjoys getting blown out with the dryer and brushed. He knows that being groomed makes him more handsome...which makes the ladies take another look at him.

Eyes: S-10651/10-79

Hips: SH-16710G53M-PI

gonioscopy over 75%


Mannie is available at stud to approved bitches.