Kiana's Maximilian CGC, TKN, RN
color: gray & white
eye color: brown
DOB: 10/12/16

How we got him: Max was born here from our Trouper and Vale litter. 

How he got his name: The litter theme was A Goofy Movie. Max is Goofy's son, Maximilian is his full name in the movie.

Training and showing: Max is a bit of a goof ball. He gets prancey on the leash, so we have not shown him in breed yet.

I started working with Max at home in the Fall of 2018. He showed me so much potential I started him in an advanced obedience class (which is funny because he had zero training to that point). Every night I worked him and each week at classes he was a new dog. At his 5th class I had him tested for his Canine Good Citizen title which he passed with flying colors. The following weekend he was entered in Rally Novice. He was great and got 2 novice legs with a score of 94 and 93 (not bad for 6 weeks of training). Next I had him tested for his Novice trick dog title. Followed by finishing his Rally Novice title with 3rd place at an all breed trial. I love this dog and I cannot wait to put more titles on him.

Career in harness: Max is amazing in harness. Very focused, very hard driving and fast. I'm so excited to see what his future holds.

Some more about him: Max has a strong but goofy personality. He learns very fast. He is a bit of a loner when it comes to other dogs, which I'm not used to. Max would rather sleep in his crate at night than be with another dog in the kennel.

His best friend: Me

His favorite thing: Running in harness.

Eyes: cleared


2018 - Milan Fun Run 16 miles ~ Nansen Ski Club Sled Dog Race 17 miles ~ Chinook Trail 14 miles ~ Blue Mountain Sled Dog Race 19 miles ~ Hill Fun Run