Kiana's Maximilian
color: gray & white
eye color: brown
DOB: 10/12/16

How we got him: Max was born here from our Trouper and Vale litter. 

How he got his name: The litter theme was A Goofy Movie. Max is Goofy's son, Maximilian is his full name in the movie.

Training and showing: I will start training Max the spring of 2018. Fingers crossed he will train up well and go to the National!

Career in harness: Max is amazing in harness. Very focused, very hard driving and fast. I'm so excited to see what his future holds.

Some more about him: Max has a strong personality. He learns very fast. I cannot wait to see what he is like as an adult.

His best friend: He loves puppies.

His favorite thing: Running in harness.

Eyes: cleared


2018 - Milan Fun Run 16 miles ~ Nansen Ski Club Sled Dog Race 17 miles ~ Chinook Trail 14 miles ~ Blue Mountain Sled Dog Race 19 miles