We feed and recommend:

We have been feeding Diamond Naturals for several years now, since it first came out. The adult dogs in harness, and puppies, eat the Extreme Athlete formula, and the adult dogs who are retired eat the Adult formula.

For a picky dog who will not finish their food I sometimes use:

Solid Gold's - Green Cow Tripe Can Dog Food (it smells horrible)
or Plain Whole Yogurt

If a dog has diarrhea from a virus we cook them hamburger and rice or ground turkey and rice. Human baby food works well for a dog who has had surgery, make sure that you read the ingredients and avoid onions.

We do not give our dogs rawhide, pigs ears, or cow hooves. They do make a fake pigs ear treat that the dogs like, they can digest it easier than the real pigs ears, you can get this product at places like Petco. If you would like to give your dog a bone, please get a fresh marrowbone from the supermarket.

There are several natural dog cookies on the market. I enjoy baking dog cookies, my favorite recipe book is: Three Dog Bakery Cookbook.

My dogs enjoy raw carrots for a treat. I buy the big 5 pound bags at the supermarket.

I will sometimes feed the dogs hard-boiled eggs. I give them the whole egg, shell and all. Some dogs eat the shell, others will leave the shell for another dog.

Vegetables are a good way to fill up a dog if they tend to have a weight problem. I usually use canned green beans

Goat's milk is a seasonable treat that the dogs enjoy in their dinner. I also use it for my puppies.

During training/racing season I feed the dogs ground raw chicken for breakfast, and they have their regular kibble at dinner time. I also use Salmon Oil during training season, it helps keep a good weight on the dogs.

If a dog has stress diarrhea after a training run we give 1 teaspoon of psyllium powder. We purchase the Wal-mart brand instead of a brand name. It has always worked well (and fast) for our dogs.

A Zinc deficiency is common in northern breed dogs. We use Zinpro's Turkey & Barley Natural Cookies to keep this problem at bay. During training season I put all of the dogs on a product called Zinpro C & E.

For more information on feeding a natural diet, I suggest a book called "Food Pets Die For"- Ann N. Martin.