Events that happened before the redesign of the website.

12/6/07 - 12/8/07 - I drove down to the Boston Dog shows with Valeska Thursday and Friday. Thursday she took 2nd in her class, Friday she took 3rd. Saturday Scott and I drove down with Valeska and Zak. Valeska took 3rd again. The last show Zak was at was Boston as a puppy. He was a bit overwhelmed, and he would not bait for Scott (he was so hot his mouth was a mile wide). Zak did not place. We will have to try him at some outdoor shows to get him back into the swing of things.

9/8/07 & 9/9/07 - Valeska was entered in obedience and Bred By for the North Conway, NH shows. Unfortunately she came into season and we had to pull her obedience entry. Scott showed Ember (normally I show him) in Bred By and took Reserve. I showed Valeska in Bred By and we took Winners Bitch and Best Opposite Sex for another point. I returned with Valeska on Sunday and she took Reserve.

9/2/07 - Miss. Whatleigh and I went to a show in Maine. I showed Kermit in the 6-9 month puppy class, he was the only dog in his class. Then I showed Valeska in Bred By she won her class, took Winners Bitch, and then Best Of Winners for 2 points.

8/24/07 - 8/27/07 - We went to the SD&G show in Long Sault, Ontario. I showed Ember on Friday and he took Winners Dog, and Best Of Winners. Scott showed Kit and she won her class and took Reserve Winners Bitch.
Saturday AM I showed
Valeska in Novice B. Valeska stopped to sniff an interesting spot on the off lead heeling, and she did not qualify (she qualified on the other exercises). Scott showed Kit and she took 3rd in her class. Catherine showed Blizzard and he took Winners Dog. In the afternoon we showed at the Specialty. Ember won the open class, but lost the points to a puppy. Kit did not place. I showed Valeska in the 2nd trial and she did the same thing she did in the AM.
Sunday AM I showed
Valeska in obedience again. She did everything and should have qualified, but the judge was really tough and did not pass her on the off lead heeling. Ember was bored with showing and we took 2nd. Kit took 3rd again. I showed Valeska again she did everything, and the judge did not pass her on the off lead heeling. Figures that we got tough obedience judges!
Monday I showed
Ember and he took Winners Dog and finished his Championship :-)) Kit took 2nd in her class.

8/9/07 & 8/10/07 - I went to Ballston Spa, with Whatleigh. I showed Ember & Kermit. On Thursday both Ember & Kermit took 3rd in their class. Friday bald Kermit took 4th and Ember won his class then was Winners Dog for a 3 point major!!

8/5/07 - We went to the Keene show. I showed Valeska in Bred-By, we won our class, took Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners for her 1st point. Scott showed Circe in Rally and earned her Rally Novice title!

7/11/07 & 7/12/07 - Scott showed Circe in Rally Novice at the Lakes Region Kennel Club show. She did well earning her first leg with a score of 97. Day two I showed Valeska, who is still very bald, in Bred-By and we took Reserve Winners Bitch. Scott rushed to the show from work and ran right in the ring with Circe. She qualified for her second leg, but was not the almost perfect dog from the day before.

7/8/07 - I took Kermit and Valeska to a show in West Springfield, MA. Kermit was the only one in his class, he did pretty good. Valeska took 3rd place in Bred-By (she blew her coat and looks silly).

6/23/07 - We took Ember, Valeska & Kermit to a show in Maine. It was Kermit's first show and he did pretty good. He did not have any competition in his class. Ember went Winners Dog for 1 point. Now he is looking for his majors. Valeska finished her Rally Novice title, placing 3rd (with a score of 97) in an All Breed trial.

6/14/07 & 6/15/07 - We took Anika's 7 puppies to NY for a Ralph Lauren photo shoot.

6/1/07 - We took 6 dogs to our Yankee Siberian Husky Specialty. Scott took Orion in for veteran sweeps and he took second to a top winning dog. I took Ben in for Novice B, but he did not qualify on his off lead heeling. I showed Ember in the BBE class, it was a good sized class and he was really hot, we took 4th place. Then I took Orion into the Am-bred class, he showed well and also took 4th place. The next thing for us was the sled dog class. Scott took Ben, I showed Ember and Deb took Orion in for us. Ben took 1st, Ember 3rd & Orion 4th. After lunch Scott took in three rally dogs; Valeska, Mark & Belle. All three qualified. Mark took 3rd place with a score of 96 (out of a possible 100), Valeska took 4th place with a score of 95 and Belle had a score of 91. Belle & Mark finished their titles, and Valeska now needs 1 leg to finish her title. Then Valeska went in the sled bitch class, and she was the only one. After that both Ben and Valeska went in for Best of breed. Ben did not make the cut, but Valeska did make each cut and ended taking an Award Of Merit over many specials :-) Then Ben and Valeska against each other for Best Sled Dog. Valeska beat Ben We are very pleased!!

5/17/07 & 5/18/07 - Deb & I went to the Batavia, NY Specialty Shows. I brought Orion and Ember. I showed Ember in BBE each day, Thursday he took 4th place & Friday he did not place. I showed Orion in Veteran Sweeps he was the only one in his class. I also showed him in Open, he did not place on Thursday & Friday he took 4th. We showed both boys in the Sled Dog class Ember took 1st & Orion took 2nd each day. Deb showed her cute Ben kids, they won their sweeps class each time and won 1st in their regular class on Thursday, 2nd on Friday. We had a good time, and we are looking forward to showing at our Yankee Specialty.

5/6/07 - We went to the York County Kennel Club show in Acton, ME. I showed Ember in BBE, he took Best Of Winners, but he did not get any points because of 2 dogs and 1 bitch being absent (the Winners Bitch also did not get any points). Valeska was entered in Rally Novice and she picked up her first RN leg!

3/17/07 & 3/18/07 - We ran the final race of the season at Eden Mountain in VT. Scott's team was: Valeska, Viktor, Belle, Mark, Lewis & Mannie. My team was: Kasper, Ember, Hailee, Gynger, Tannis & Zak. We are sad that the season is over! We finished the requirements for Sled Dog degrees on: Viktor, Belle, Mark, Lewis, Mannie, Ember, Gynger & Tannis. Valeska finished her Sled Dog Excellent title!!

3/10/07 - We ran the Bartlett Fun Run at Bear Notch. Scott team was: Valeska, Viktor, Belle, Mark, Lewis & Mannie. My team was: Kasper, Ember, Tannis, Gynger, Hailee & Connie. Once again Viktor did awesome in lead! Valeska was in season and he was still able to run beside her.

3/3/07 & 3/4/07 - We ran a NESDC race at Burke Mountain, VT. It was an awesome trail. We each ran the 6 dog Sportsmen class. Scott's team was: Valeska, Viktor, Belle, Mark, Lewis & Mannie. My team was: Kasper, Ember, Hailee, Gynger, Tannis & Connie. Scott took 2nd place and finished requirements for Mannie's SD title. Viktor ran lead again, and he was awesome

2/24/07 & 2/25/07 - We went to NY to run the Mannsville Quest. Scott team was: Valeska, Viktor, Belle, Mark, Lewis & Mannie. My team was: Kasper, Ember, Tannis, Gynger, Hailee & Connie. Scott took first place, and I took 6th. For complete results please go to the PSDC site. We stayed for the sprint race on Sunday. Scott took first place in the purebred class, and I took 4th. We had a great time. We are proud of Viktor, it was his first race in lead.

2/17/07 & 2/18/07 - We had two teams entered for Sandwich Notch 30, but the snow was not early enough, and the race was canceled. We decided to run the NESDC Hill Sprint Race. Scott's team was: Valeska, Belle, Mark, Viktor, Lewis & Mannie. My team was: Kasper, Ember, Tannis, Gynger, Hailee & Connie. The dogs seemed to be in a funk, and we did not do that well. I think they are mad that we got all that snow and made them run a race at a location where we do a lot of training.

 2/10/07 & 2/11/07 - We went to the Mushers Bowl for fun. It was a very difficult trail. We both ran in the 4 dog Sportsmen Class. Scott's team was: Valeska, Belle, Mark & Viktor. My team was: Kasper, Ember, Tannis, & Mannie. Scott was in 2nd place on day one. I was nervous that I was going to flip over or hit a tree so I rode my drag mat with both feet. We went back with only Scott's team for day 2. When we got there we found out that they changed the trail since so many people got hurt on day 1...and I left my team at home :-( Scott ended up with 1st place! We are very proud of the dogs!

2/3/07 & 2/4/07 - We ran at the Stratford Nighthawks race. Scott's team was: Valeska, Belle, Mark, Viktor, Lewis & Mannie. My team was: Kasper, Ember, Tannis, Gynger, Hailee & Connie. There was 23 teams in our class. Scott placed 2nd and I placed 7th! The top three teams were Siberian teams. I was the next purebred team in the line up. We are very proud of the dogs. For results go to the Stratford Nighthawks website.

12/2/06 - We showed at the Fitchburg shows. First I showed Ember in Bred By Exhibitor and we won our class. Scott took Blizzard in Open and they won their class. Scott went Winners Dog with Blizzard for the 3 point major and finished Blizzard's championship! I took Reserve Winners Dog with Ember. I showed Hailee in Open and we took 2nd place. Debbie showed her cute little Ben puppies for their first show and they did great!

11/26/06 - We went to Yankee Siberian Husky Clubs Rig Race in Freetown, MA. Scott ran: Valeska, Belle, Mannie, Lewis, Mark & Viktor in the 6 dog class. They finished less than a minute behind 1st place (which was a fast hound team) and ended up with 2nd place. I ran: Kasper, Ember, Darwin & Tannis in the 4 dog class. It was Ember's first time leading in a race, he did ok, but it was really hot so I took it slow. It was also Darwin's first race, and I did not want to push him. Overall we took 3rd place. Ali ran: Pando, Kyia & Zak in the 4 dog junior class. They did well and took 2nd place to a good Alaskan team. Scott's dad ran: Hailee & Gynger in the 2 dog class, and they also took 2nd place. For photos of the 4 teams please click here.

11/11/06 - Orion finished his Canadian Championship!

10/14/06 & 10/21/06 - Scott and I went to the Siberian Husky Club Of America's National Specialty Show.

Saturday was the first day of the Chicago Specialty. I had to pull Ember because he was limping; we think he hurt his toe on the door of the dog truck. Scott showed Blizzard in open and he made the cut. I showed Hailee in Bred By and she did not make the cut. Scott took Mark in for Rally. Mark was kind of embarrassing. He did qualify with a score of 74. Then Scott went in with Belle and she did great and got a score of 84  (tough judge).

Sunday was day two of the Chicago Specialty. Still could not show Ember. Blizzard did not make the cut. Hailee did not make the cut. I showed Ben and Valeska in obedience. The judge excused Ben because “he was making him nervous” on the off lead heeling. All he was doing was being Ben and he was lagging. Valeska did great, but she came too early on the recall. She came on “Va” instead of “Valeska, COME” so that is a zero. Scott showed Ben for breed and he did not do anything. I showed Veto for Kevin, Tonkawa Siberians, and we made the cut. 

Monday was a day of rest. 

Tuesday started the National. Scott took Belle and Mark in for Rally again. Scott was prepared for Mark to embarrass him. Mark was great and he got a 94! Belle was embarrassing and she only got an 84. Funny that the 10 point difference between the siblings changed at each trial. At least Belle is consistent with her scores! They each only need 1 leg to finish their titles. 

Wednesday was obedience day. Scott took Ben in the ring. They did not qualify. Ben thought about leaving the ring on the off lead heeling. I took in Valeska. We almost qualified, but she laid down on her long sit. Then I took Bear in for veteran obedience, and he tried leaving the ring on the off lead heeling. We then did team obedience. Bear tried to blow the off lead heeling on that, and he messed up the recall. Our team still took first place! Team was pretty cool, but it was also funny. Koly was there, and she made the cut in Am-bred. We had the breeder’s education in the evening. It was about the original Siberians, and Siberians in the Iditarod.

Thursday I showed Hailee at 7:30 in the morning! We did not make the cut (40 in her class). Then I showed Ember. He was an idiot and I was asking myself “why do I show this dog?” and next thing I knew we made the cut. Then next thing I knew we took 4th place, there was almost 30 dogs in his class. I was very proud. Now imagine if he behaved! Scott took Blizzard in open and he did not make the cut (almost 40 dogs in his class). Then I showed Valeska in the Sled Bitch class. There was only two females in the degreed class, the other female was Sahara (bred by Kelim Siberians). Sahara took first, Valeska is a tad fat from having the puppies. 

Friday was the Rig Race. There was 30 teams total at the race. Scott ran the 6 dog class. He had: Valeska, Belle, Mannie, Ember, Mark & Viktor. They took 2nd place, first place went to the guy who put in the trail (Scott was only 39 seconds behind 1st place).

Saturday was the Breed judging and Ben did not make the cut. We had a great time.

9/24/06 - We took dogs to the bi-annual Temperament Test. Ember, Blizzard & Hailee all passed their test.

9/16/06 & 9/17/06 - We showed Ember & Kit at the Carroll County Kennel Club shows. On Saturday Ember won the BBE class, and took Winners Dog for 2 points under breeder judge Jean Fournier. Ember took second in his class on Sunday. Kit took second both days.

8/25/06 - 8/28/06 - We showed at the SD&G dog show in Long Sault, Ontario. I showed Ember on Friday & Monday. Friday Ember went Winners Dog for 4 points, he now has 6 Canadian points. On Monday we took 3rd place in our class. Scott showed Blizz for 5 sets of points. On Friday Blizzard took Reserve to Ember. Saturday AM & PM Blizz took Winners Dog for a total of 6 points. Sunday & Monday he took Reserve. We got to see Boo, and he took Reserve to Blizzard Saturday AM. I showed Valeska in obedience and we came very close to earning a leg each time, but we did not qualify. We took the three puppies camping with us; Jadis, Circe & Beaver. We had a great time!

8/13/06 - I showed Ember and Kit at the Keene show. Ember won his Bred By class and then took reserve. He was a big dork and I was very embarrassed. Kit showed great, but was out of coat, so we took reserve. It was the day of reserve wins!

 7/13/06 - We showed at the Lakes Region show. Orion finished his RN title!! I was hoping to finish Ben's CD, but we did not qualify on the off lead heeling.

6/2/06 - We showed at the Yankee Siberian Husky Specialty. Ben took 2nd place in juniors with Ali, and 2nd place in the Sled Dog class. Kit won her sweeps class, and took 2nd place in the 6-9 months regular class. Ember acted like an idiot, and we did not place in Bred By. Hailee decided to also act up, and we did not place in Bred By bitches. Ben did not qualify in Novice B :-( Orion took 2nd place in Rally Novice, and got his 2nd RN leg. Liv did not place in Rally Novice, but she finished her RN title!!

5/6/06 - We went to Maine to show Orion and Liv in rally obedience. Orion got his first leg with a score of 96 (out of a possible 100). Liv got her second leg with a score of 94.

3/18/06 & 3/18/06 - We went to the Eden Mountain Race. I'm so happy that I was able to run a race! Scott and I each ran a team in the 6 dog 13.5 mile, each day, class. Scott's raced: Valeska, Belle, Tymber, Viktor, Mark & Mannie. Valeska and Tymber were in standing heat, but the boys behaved themselves. Scott took 3rd place. I raced: Gynger, Kasper, Orion, Tannis, Lewis & Ember. We took 7th place. Both teams did well considering I had given up on the season weeks before, and my team had not been on snow since January. We made SD time and finished degrees on Tymber, Orion & Kasper. Rhonda ran Loutus on her 8 dog team. Thanks Rhonda for getting Loutus out on the trail! We brought Stella, Kit and Darwin to the race to socialize. Stella thanked us by ripping one of the doors off the box, while we were on the trail, and she had fun running all around the parking lot! Thanks Stella!

3/4/06 & 3/5/06 - Since all of the races had been canceled I decided to enter the Maryland Specialty. I entered Ember in Bred By and Hailee in open. Saturday Ember did not do anything, the building was very hot and I had to drag him around the ring with his tongue hanging out. Sunday I left Ember in the truck until I needed him. Ember showed AWESOME, and he won the Bred By class. Hailee did not place either day, but she did make the cut on Sunday. I thought she showed well, but there was a lot of nice competition on both days!!

Of course they did have the Tamworth Sprint Race the same weekend. So I sent Scott and Ali to race. Scott ran: Valeska, Belle, Connie, Viktor, Mark & Mannie. Ali ran: Tymber, Gynger & Zak. Scott had co-leader trouble on both days, but more so on Sunday. Our goal was to expose the new dogs to a race, and they all did well for their first race. Scott did ok taking 3rd place in the 6 dog class. Ali took 2nd place in the 3 dog junior, and we are pleased with how her team did!

1/16/06 - Debbie and I went to the Fitchburg show. I showed Hailee in open. We did not do anything, but we had a good time. Hailee looked like "She-Man" compared to the other dogs because she has muscling from having hundreds of miles on her this season.

12/8/05 & 12/11/05 - I showed Hailee at the Boston show, she took Winner's Bitch and picked up 2 more points. I went back on Sunday to show, but we only took 4th place.

11/25/05 - We showed Ben and Liv at the Springfield show. Ben was entered in Novice B, but he did not qualify. I ran dogs two days in a row before the show and I think Ben was a little tired. Ben sat at the start while I did the off lead heeling by myself. After resting for several hours Ben went into the Rally ring and he qualified and finished his Rally Novice title! Then Scott took Liv in and she qualified, with a score of 92, and earned one leg towards her title.

10/22/05 & 10/23/05 - I showed Ben at an obedience trial. On Saturday we did Rally and he qualified with a 96 (out of 100) for his 2nd RN leg. I also had Ben in Novice B and he qualified for his 1st leg of his CD title. On Sunday I only had him entered in Novice B, the Rally trial was full, and we qualified for his 2nd leg of his CD title. I'm very proud of him!

10/9/05 - We showed at the Souhegan Kennel Club show. Scott showed Koly in the 9-12 class and they took 2nd place. I showed Valeska in BBE and we took 3rd place. Ali showed KG in juniors and took 2nd, they did not place in open bitches. I showed Hailee in open and took Winners Bitch for 2 points (it would have been 3 points, but one female was absent). Scott showed a very bald Ben for the breed and they did not do anything.

10/2/05 - Scott and Ali ran the bikejor race at the Northern New England Trade Fair. Scott ran Valeska, they took first place, and they had the fastest overall time for that day (even faster than the 6 dog teams). Scott and Valeska finished the 1 mile in under 3 minutes. Ali ran Pando and she took fourth place. The Siberian bikejor teams took 1st-4th, leaving the Alaskan teams in the dust. Scott and Ali were the only people who ran one dog each, the other bikejor teams had 2 dogs.

9/11/05 - I showed Ben in Rally-O at the Carroll County show. We qualified (despite my handler error) and Ben now has 1 leg of his RN title. I showed Ember in BBE and he took 2nd, and Valeska also in BBE and she took 4th. Debbie showed Conner and he got a 3 point major!

8/26/05 - 8/28/05 - We went to Canada to show at the SD&G shows again this year. Amaya (my Shiba Inu) took Winner's Bitch, Best Of Winners and Best Opposite sex on Friday for 2 points. Saturday Amaya placed third in her class. Sunday Amaya took Winner's Bitch for 2 points, and then Best Of Breed over the specials. We went into the group and took a group 4th earning us 2 more points. I was hoping to finish Orion since he only needs 2 points, but he was lame and had a cut on his face from Mannie (fighting over girls in season). The most Orion did was place in a large open class. I did find a 2006 calendar with Orion on it!! I showed Ben in Novice B in one trial. We almost qualified, if we had a ring instead of rope he would have one leg of his Canadian CD. Ben was not paying attention on the off lead heeling and his head went outside of the ring, so we got a zero. He did pretty good otherwise.

7/28/05 - Scott and I just got back from visiting Northome Kennels in Minnesota. What a drive!! We had a good time. We brought back three dogs; Viktor, Stella and Belle.

7/13/05 & 7/14/05 - We showed at the Lakes Region KC shows. On Wednesday Ali won her novice junior class, Ali did a wonderful job. KG did not do anything in the regular class. Ember took first in the bred-by class. On Thursday Ali took second in the open junior class. Ember took second in bred-by, and KG took fourth place.

7/3/05 - Ali showed KG in juniors at the Wampanoag KC show in Wrentham, MA. Ali took 1st place, she now needs 1 win to move to the open class.

6/17/05 & 6/18/05 - We showed at the Topsfield shows. On Friday Scott took in Bear for Rally Novice and he got his third leg and his RN title. Ali showed KG in juniors, but she was the only one in her class. Ali showed KG in open and they won their class and took Reserve Winners bitch. On Saturday Ali took 2nd place in juniors. Then Ali took KG in open and they did not place.

6/3/05 - Today was the Yankee Siberian Husky Specialty show, and Ali's 10th birthday. Scott showed Kolyma in the 6-9 class, this was her first show, she took 4th. Scott took Anika in 12-18 and she did not place. Ali took KG into open and they made the cut. Ali then took KG into the novice junior class and they took 1st place. Ali needs 2 more 1st place wins and she can move into the open junior class. Ben was entered in Novice B obedience, he was super unfocused, and we did not complete the exercises. I showed Ember in Bred-by and he won his class. Scott took Ben in for the breed and he got an Award Of Merit (2nd year in a row). I showed Turbo in Best Of Breed, but we did not do anything. Scott took Ben and Anika in for brace and they took 3rd. It was a pretty good day.

5/15/05 - Scott and Ali went to the Lakes Region Match (I was away visiting with Karen Ramstead, North Wapiti Siberians). Scott showed Anika in 12-18, they won their class. Scott also showed Valeska in Rally, Valeska did not want to go down in the wet grass so they got a NQ. Ali took everything with KG!! KG went Best Of Breed, then took a Group 1st and won Best In Match (all under breeder judge Ann Cook). You would think that would be enough, but they were not done. Ali won her junior class, then she went back in and beat the older kids for Best Junior Handler. Way to go Ali! Scott did not get any pictures because it was raining and they wanted to go home.

5/8/05 - We went to the York County Kennel Club show in Maine. I showed Ben in Rally and Scott showed Bear in Rally. We arrived late and rushed into the ring without being able to warm up the dogs or let them have a potty break. Neither dog qualified :-( Ali showed KG in open, they took second place and went Reserve Winners Bitch. Then Ali showed KG in Novice Juniors and they took second place.

4/1/05 & 4/2/05 - Scott and I went to the Syracuse, NY shows. I showed Ember in the Bred-by class, and he won his class both days. Scott showed Bear in the Rally Novice class. The highest score you can get is 100, Bear got 95 on Friday and 91 on Saturday. He only needs one more leg to finish his RN title.

3/26/05 - Scott and I ran the Rikke Race at Bear Notch. We loved the trail and we had a good time. Kelly and I ran 90% of the race together, Scott joined us for the last part of the race. It was very warm out so we took it slow, taking breaks for the dogs. Scott's team was Valeska, Mannie, Tymber, Ben, Loutus and Kadar. My team was Gynger, Kasper, Zak, Tristan, Ember and Orion. Ali was trail help. Scott made SD time and he finished Kadar and Ben's SD titles. I missed SD time by minutes.

3/19/05 & 3/20/05 - Scott and I ran the Critterwoods Fun Race this weekend, we both ran in the 13 mile class. Scott's team was Duncan, Valeska, Ben, Loutus, Orion, Kasper, Mannie and Kadar. My team was Tymber, Gynger, Kyia, Zak, Ember and Tristan. It was a fun weekend.

2/5/05 & 2/6/05 - Scott ran at the Hill Village sprint race. His team was Gynger, Valeska, Mannie, Tymber, Kadar and Kasper. They were the fastest all Siberian team (6 Siberian teams), and they took 5th place in their class. They missed SD time by just over a minute.

1/29/05 - We ran two teams at the Nighthawks race in Stratford, NH. Scott and I each ran a 6 dog team in the 15 mile class, my team made SD time and Scott's team made SDX time. I ran Gynger, Kasper, Mannie, Ben, Turbo & Boo. It was too hot for Turbo and Boo so they did not do well, the other four dogs did great. Scott ran Valeska, Tymber, Zak, Tristan, Kadar and Orion.

1/22/05 - We ran three teams at the Craftsbury True Companion Race. Scott ran 3 dogs in the 8 mile skijor, his team was Valeska, Tristan and Tymber. They finished the trail in 38 minutes, and took 9th place. I ran in the 4 dog 15 mile class, my team was Gynger, Kasper, Kadar and Mannie. We took 5th place out of 19 teams, they finished strong and made SD time, we are proud of them. Ali also ran the 4 dog 15 mile class, it was not an easy task and we are proud of her. Ali's team was Pando, Kyia and Cynder. She did get lost for a little while, but she found the trail again, they placed 13th. It was a great day!

11/26/04 - I showed Orion at the United Kennel Club show in Montreal. Orion picked up 3 more points towards his Championship, he now has 8 points, and he needs 2 points to finish.

9/19/04 - I Temperament Tested Orion, Ben, Kadar and Valeska and they all passed. Erin brought Duncan and he also passed. So now all five have their TT. It was a fun day, it was good to see each dog's different response to each test.

9/11/04 & 9/12/04 - We showed at the Cape shows this weekend. Ember went Winners Dog on Saturday for one point, he went Best Of Winners on Sunday for two points. Sandy took third place in open both days, Scott showed her on Saturday and Ali showed her on Sunday.

8/28/04 & 8/29/04 - We went to Long Sault, Ontario for the Siberian Husky Club Of Canada's National Specialty Show. Turbo got an Award Of Merit at the National, there was over 40 dogs in the Best Of Breed Class. I had fun judging the juniors, they have lots of good handlers up there. Bear was entered in 4 all-breed trials, he qualified in 3 trials, with a 2nd & 3rd placement, earning his Canadian Companion Dog title.

7/24/04 - Ember took Winners Dog and Best Opposite Sex in RI today for another point.

7/7/04 - 7/9/04 - I showed Orion and Ember in the NH circuit Wednesday & Thursday. Orion took second place in open both days. Ember took second place on Wednesday in Bred By, and first place and Reserve Winners Dog on Thursday. Friday I showed Orion in open and we did not place, he showed well though.

Wednesday PM we showed the puppies at the Lakes Region match. Lucas took first place in his class and Anika took first place in her class, both pups showed nicely. Tristan was a little punk and we took second in our class. Ali showed KG in juniors and they took first place in their class.

6/28/04 - We had another Ralph Lauren photo shoot with puppies, we took Weather, Tannis, Dory and one of Dory's brothers.

6/6/04 - We went to the Carroll County KC match in Wolfeboro, NH today. Ali showed Ben in juniors, and they took Best Junior Handler, she did very well. Scott showed Lucas in the 3-6 month class, and they won their class (not hard since they were the only one in that class, Tristan was entered but I had to pull him because he was not all the way dry from his bath). I showed Anika and we beat Lucas for Best Of Breed Puppy, we then went on to take a group two (against all the BIG puppies in the Working Group). I showed Ben in Novice B, he was doing well until the long down when he got up. Scott showed Bear in Novice B, they took first place and HIGH IN MATCH, this is Bear's second High In Match, but his first all-breed win. I showed Kadar in Sub-Novice B and we took first place. Scott showed Pando in Sub-Novice B and they took second place. One of my students, Jaye Foucher of Sibersong Siberians, took first and second place with two of her girls in Sub-Novice A. We had a good day!

5/29/04 - I showed Turbo at the Ladies show in Wrentham, MA. We took Winners Dog from the open class making Turbo a new American Champion.

5/28/04 - Today was the Yankee Specialty. Scott showed Bear in Novice B, he qualified with a score of 180.5 and took second place. I showed Ben in Novice B, and he did not complete the off lead heeling or the long down. Scott showed bald Ember in Bred-by and he took 2nd place. I showed Turbo in open and he won his class, and took Reserve Winners Dog. Ali showed Ben in the Sled Dog class and they took 1st place. I showed Hailee in 12-18 and she took 3rd place. Trib showed Frosty in open and she made the cut. Scott took Ben back in for the breed and they got an Award Of Merit and took Best Sled Dog. I helped show Phred (Ben's dad) in the stud dog class, and I also helped show Lyra in the brood bitch class, and both teams took 1st place.

5/13/04 & 5/14/04 - Scott and I drove to Batavia, NY for Specialty shows. On Thursday Ember won the Bred-by class. Turbo made the cut in open. Hailee took 2nd in the 9-12 class. On Friday Zak and Hailee won their sweeps classes. Ember won the Bred-by class, and took Reserve Winners Dog. Turbo took 2nd in open.

5/9/04 - We took a bunch of our guys to the Yankee Siberian Husky Club Match. It was Ben's first time doing Novice B, we did well until we got to the sits and downs....our big show dog did not want to stay in the pouring rain. Scott showed Bear in Novice B they took second place with a score of 192. It was Kadar's first time in the Sub-Novice ring, he took first place with a score of 191. Tristan won the 3-6 month class, it was his first time in the ring. Scott showed Zak in Bred-By, Zak did not get a chance to warm up and he was a punk, they took second place. Ali took Ben in juniors, this was their first time in the ring together (those two were an awesome pair) they took first place out of four kids.

4/29/04 - Tymber whelped 6 healthy puppies.

4/24/04 - Gynger whelped 7 healthy puppies.

4/23/04 - We took Turbo and Zap to Canada. Turbo took Winners Dog and he is a new champion. Zap took Best Of Opposite Sex and Best Of Winners for 2 points.

4/20/04 - 4/22/04 - Scott and I took Coyuk's puppies to NY to do a photo shoot for Ralph Lauren. It was for their children's fall line of clothes. The puppies did well and it was a good experience. PICTURES.

4/17/04 - I took Orion to a tracking clinic. We had a blast and Orion did well.

4/2/04 - 4/4/04 - We took Zap and Orion to Canada. Orion picked up 5 points, Zap took Reserve Winners bitch.

3/28/04 - We took Hailee and Zak to the Rockingham County Kennel Club Match. Hailee took Best Of Breed Puppy and a puppy group two. Sandy from Kelim Siberians won Best Adult In Match. Way to go Sandy!

3/25/04 - 3/27/04 - I went to Syracuse NY to show Turbo, Frosty and Zap. Turbo took two 4th places and then Saturday he took a 4 point major under breeder judge Margaret Cook. Turbo only needs a major to finish. Frosty took 2nd in BBE on Friday.

3/18/04 - Kadar is a Canine Good Citizen.

3/14/04 - Coyuk whelped 5 healthy pups. 1 black male, 1 gray male, 1 black female and 2 red males.

3/13/04 & 3/14/04 - Scott ran the Sap Run, 10 mile 2 day race. His team was Valeska and Duncan in lead, Tymber and Ben in team, Kasper and Kadar in wheel. They took 4th place and made SDO time. I stayed home to help deliver Minnie's pups at Lone Wolf Siberians. I also took Zap and Kyia hiking.

2/28/04 & 2/29/04 - I ran the Maine Highlands Siberian Race. My team was Valeska and Duncan in lead, Kyia and Ben in team, Kasper and Kadar in wheel. We took second place and got Valeska's first SDX leg, and finished Kyia's SD degree. Scott picked up Zap from Logan, she is half sibling to Turbo and Boo.

My computer crashed and I lost the event page that I started back in 2000.