Where are they now....


CH Kryska's Kiana Aria
Aria lived at Takuvik Siberians


CH Kristari's Sundance Of Windsong CGC
retired with her co-breeder until the day she died.


Kryska's Minnie Might WPD, CGC
Minnie lived in retirement at LW Siberians


Northome Lewis SD
Lewis now lives at Shaytaan Siberians.


AM/CAN CH Liyaza's Winter Storm TT
Blizz now lives at Kadea Siberians.


Sequoia's Cynder Of Kiana WTD, CGC, HIT AM/CAN CD
Cynder lived in retirement with Marge Wooley.


Kryska's Kadar Of Kiana CGC, TT, SD
Kadar now lives at a working/show kennel in Germany.


Kiana's Katching Fire SD
Tymber lived at Miakoda Siberians where she ran lead for them.


Kiana's Majikal Mystery Girl
Anika lives in CT with Icy & Erin.


Kiana's Gynger WPD, WLD, SD
Gynger now lives with Joan.


Kiana's Majikal Kiss CGC, WPD
Zak lived at Heishman Kennel until he died.


Kelim-Thesewoods Livin' At Kiana CGC, RN
Liv now lives at Heishman Kennel.


Northome Isabel CGC, RN, SDX
Belle will now run lead for David's team.


Kiana's Friendly Ghost WLD, SDX
Kasper ran lead for Snowdancer Kennel until he died.


Kiana's Tanthalas CGC, SD
Tannis had fun in a pet home until he died.


Northome Viktor SDO
Viktor now lives at Thesewoods Kennel.


Kiana's Peek-A-Boo WPD, TT, RN, SD
Hailee is now running on a recreational team.


Northome Mark CGC, RN, SDO
Mark lives at Kennedy Sled Dogs.


Kiana's Team Captain CGC, RN, SD
Tek now lives with his friend Ozzy.


Northome Homer SDX
Homer now lives at Amorak Siberians.


Kiana's Chosen Prey CGC, RN, SDX
Lucas now lives at Kennedy Sled Dogs.


Kiana's Leave It To Beaver RN, SDO
Beaver now lives at Maryland Sled Dog Adventures.


Kiana's Vale CGC, RN, SD
Vale now runs lead at Maryland Sled Dog Adventures.


Kiana's Kermit The Dog SDX
Kermit lived at Kennedy Sled Dogs.


Kiana's Wicked Winter CGC, RN, SDX
Jadis is enjoying life as a house dog.


Kiana's Mopar Muscle RN
Charger is now enjoying life with Varitek.