Where are they now....Dogs we owned, loved and added titles on to their names.


Kiana's Team Captain CGC, RN, SD
Tek now lives with his friend Ozzy.


Kiana's Chosen Prey CGC, RN, SDX
Lucas now lives in a pet home.


Kiana's Leave It To Beaver RN, SDO
Beaver now lives at Maryland Sled Dog Adventures.


Kiana's Mopar Muscle RN
Charger is now enjoying life with Varitek.


Kiana's One And Only CGC, RN, SDX, RATI
Solo now lives in a pet home with Lucas.


Kiana's Dream Come True SDX
Lance is in retirement with the Caoutte family.


Kiana's Wicked Good Chowda CGC, RN, SD
Chowda now lives with his sister.


Kiana's Carrigan Mountain SD
Carrigan went to a nice retirement home to be spoiled.


 Kiana's All Charged Up CGC, TKI, RN, SDX
Amp now lives with Carrigan

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