Kiana's Forever Odd
color: red & white
eye color: bi-eyed
DOB: 1/5/17

How we got him: Odd was born in our kennel, his dad is Virgil and mom is Circle. 

How he got his name: Virgil is named after a character in John Sanford books. I decided he needed another character from a book name. So he is named after a character named Odd Thomas in Dean Koontz books. I feel like Odd was born knowing things that others do not know so I think the name fits him.

Training and showing: I trained Odd in obedience. He earned his first Rally Novice leg at the 2017 National.

Career in harness: Odd is hard driving and very focused in harness.

Some more about him: He is a well behaved sweet guy.

His best friend: Odd loves EVERYONE.

His favorite thing: At this point probably eating is his favorite thing.

Eyes: cleared