Kiana's Precious Pando CGC, WPD, WLD, RN

How we got her: Pando was born in our kennel. Her father was our Bear and her mother is Coyuk. 

How she got her name: I thought that she looked like a "Pando" as a puppy. Pando was a super cute puppy and very precious to us.

Training and showing: Scott trained Pando in basic obedience, and they earned her Canine Good Citizen title. Scott tried to get her CD title, but she is a bit stubborn and ring wise. Pando earned her Rally Novice title in 2008. Her highest score was a 96 with 1st place.

Pando was my first show dog, we always did well in the ring. I had plans of finishing her in Canada, but she was spayed before I got the chance to take her up to Canada.

Scott hiked with Pando to finish her Working Pack Dog title.

Career in harness: Pando was an awesome lead dog. Pando was our first gee/haw leader and Scott's first race leader. 

Some more about her: Pando has the title of smartest dog in our kennel. We have many wonderful Pando stories to tell. We could not wait to have a litter out of Pando. Unfortunately she became ill, lost all 9 puppies, and had to be spayed.

Her best friend(s): Pando is best friends with her mother Coyuk and pal Orion.

Her favorite thing: Pando's favorite thing is crates. If she gets out of her kennel she runs to the garage and hops into a crate.

Eyes: S-8105/03-60

Hips: SH-14119G37F-PI

gonioscopy 60% (normal)

Pando is spayed and enjoying retirement.