2010 Siberian Husky Party!!

Siblings: K
it & Buffy

Siblings: Lucas, Koda, Tikaa & Nina (Lucas thought they were doing obedience)

Siblings: Lance & Delilah (Lance was not being handsome)

Siblings: Ozzy, Apollo, Layla & Bruschi with their mom Circe in a down

Quin, Joker, Magic & Tyr

Aspen & his mom Belle

Half siblings: Jenna & Tannis

Half siblings:
Sophie & Suka

Tannis with his mom, dad & brother Captain Awesome

Rocky came with his mom Maureen to sell some dog sled gear

R.T. came with his mom, and 2 legged brother, to socialize

Nadia came with her sister Quin

Nathan shows off his cute shirt

Addisen gets ready to go

Puppy LOVE!!

Lots of handling

Katie really wants a third puppy!!

Maureen is getting a hug from Beaver and Vale!

Solo gets sniffed by the boys

For some reason my hiking pics were all blurry!!
I had to put this one up of unhappy Tannis who wants to be in the front of the pack.