Kiana's One And Only CGC, RN, SDX, RATI

How we got her: Solo was bred in our kennel. She was from our Mannie and Hailee litter.

How she got her name: Solo was an only puppy. I was so disappointed that Hailee only had 1 puppy and had to have a c-section. My disappointment went away when I saw how beautiful Solo was. It was love at first sight for both Scott and I. Scott came up with her name.

Training and showing: Scott trained Solo in obedience. She is really good and has very fast automatic sits & loves the down. Scott finished her Rally Novice title when she was 1.5 years old. Solo is now being trained in Rally Advanced.

Solo has her Instinct title in Barn Hunt. We plan on furthering her career in the spring of 2015.

Career in harness: I had really wanted a male from that breeding, but once I thought about it a female was fine. Hailee is such a great dog in harness, I'm sure Solo will make her proud. Solo finished her Sled Dog in 5 straight races her first season in harness. Solo then finished her Sled Dog Excellent title in 2011. Solo is now working on her Sled Dog Outstanding Title. She is a natural in harness! A wonderful lead dog.

Some more about her: Being a single puppy she became spoiled rotten at a young age. Ali said that Solo has a million different personalities because she was a single puppy.  Everyone who meets her falls under her spell. She has very neat eyes that seem to look into your soul. Our friend asked if she had a Border Collie for a dad. She does have the markings and coloration of a Border Collie.

Her best friend: Solo loves her best friend Virgil.

Her favorite thing: Solo loves belly rubs.

Eyes: S-11271/13-70

Hips: not done yet