"Tymber's puppies"

Tymber had her puppies this morning. She had one red and white female & one black and white female.  

A couple of months ago I had put Tymber out in the play area with everyone not knowing she was in season. She stood for Ben (she is a slut) and I could not get to her fast enough. I did a progesterone test on her and she was at least 4 days away from ovulating. My vet said to keep my fingers crossed, maybe Ben would not have super sperm....luckily Boo was not out playing with everyone, since he jumps over the fence, we all know he has super sperm. Once she started to show I tried to think on the bright side. After all her dad and brother were also out playing with her that evening. 

Tymber ran lead on the "A" team Monday after I got home from court (I have jury duty). She ended up with stress diarrhea. I decided that I would not run her again until after she dries up. She should recover pretty quick from only 2 puppies.  

Ok, now I have to share the weird part!! I was up all night because she was restless. Scott left for work at 4:30. Around 6:00 AM I heard her really pushing. A huge puppy came out, she cleaned her up and chewed the cord, then she pulled on the cord to get the placenta out. This all took several minutes, I was not really paying attention to the placenta because I was checking the sex of the puppy. I guess the best way to describe what happened was that Tymber went to chew the placenta then stopped short with a look on her face that can only be described as "Oh, shit" this got my attention. Tymber dropped what she was chewing and we both looked at it. It was a teeny tiny puppy. Remember I was up all night and my first thought was "is that a kitten?"  Don't laugh. Tymber had cut its back when she tried to chew it, but it was obvious that it was not living. Tymber decided to bury it in the sheet while I went to get a bag to put it in. She did a good job burying it because it took me a minute to find the pup. When I did find it I looked closely at it. It appears that it was a twin. The color and markings matched! It was not fully developed, the rear was tucked up tight, and again it was the size of a newborn kitten. All I could think of was Nurse Gollum from South Park, she has a dead fetus on her head. If you have never seen her you cannot appreciate the visual, so here is a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:259684-NurseGollum.gif

I read online about identical twin puppies, pretty interesting. What a shame that one obviously took more from mom and developed quicker....they would have made a nice brace!