"Why I Need To Stop Watching Court TV"

Scott and I decided that we would train on The Sanbornton Trail today. This trail is part of the flood control area, and the water had recently receded from a storm that we had the previous week.

We wanted to do some leader training, so Scott told the leaders to take one of the ATV side trails. As we went down the trail we saw a bunch of trash that had been left from the water receding. There was a big pile of leaves in the middle of the trail. It looked as if a body could have been hidden underneath it. I said to Scott "I will scream if a dead body has been left on one of these side trails!" Just as I was finishing my comment we went over the big pile of leaves, and our tire caught something and pulled it out of the leaves. I looked down and saw that it was a headless doll. I nearly screamed...then I realized it was a doll. We both laughed!!!  I need to stop watching Court TV and CSI.