"Who Wants To Go For A Ride?"

Since Craftsbury was canceled due to golfing weather, Scott and I have been working in the house for most of the day. Earlier in the day I gazed out the window to check on my dogs and I noticed that all of them were awake and looking at the dog truck. I said something to Scott and he said the wind must have knocked something over. A little while later the dogs were still not settled and I noticed Loutus was barking at the dog truck. I sent Scott out to check because I was busy with something. Scott came back and said "they are all just staring at the dog truck" he figured they all wanted to go running so he came back in without checking around the truck. A couple of hours later Scott went out to the garage to get something. While in the garage a dog walked in behind him. Out of the corner of his eye Scott thought it was Tannis. The dog just stood there, then he thought "why is Tannis loose?" so he looked and it was Viktor standing there. Scott approached him and Viktor took off out of the garage. Scott came in and told me to come quick that Viktor was loose. Scott turned on the lights so we could see where he went. I'm sure you have guessed it by now, but Viktor was stoically sitting at the dog truck waiting to go running. Scott opened a box and Viktor jumped in.  

This is the second time Viktor has gotten loose. Last time he broke free he ran to look at the cats. Of course I ran over in a panic and I saw Viktor sitting on the big rock near the cat pen looking at the cats. Hannibal, who is not afraid of dogs, looked at Viktor and said "MEOW" and Viktor ran as fast as he could back to his tieout and waited for me to come hook him back up.