Kelim's Swift CGC, SDX
color: black & white
eye color: brown
DOB: 11/8/06

How we got her: Kim and Kelly of Kelim Siberian Huskies were placing out Swift. I had always admired her, and I like that she is a good leader. We were looking for an outcross female that still had Northome in the pedigree. It all worked out nicely!

How she got her name: I never asked how she got the name Swift, but it fits her nicely.

Training and showing: Swift already has her Canine Good Citizen title.

Career in harness: Swift only needed 20 miles to finish her SDX when we got her. So we easily finished her title. She had run many races in New England, and was on a team that had several nice wins.

Some more about her: Swift fit right in with everyone from the start. She is a big girl and is about the size of all my males. She is loud at dinner, but mostly she is a good dog. What the twins had to say about her (since I'm still getting used to her): The best word that describes Swift is DRIVEN.  She was a very impressive yearling who was a responsible leader as young as 11 months.  She's very trail driven and only sees one direction - ahead! She is one of the most focused dogs we have ever met, she lives for running. She is a nice mover with good build.  Although not one of our fastest dogs anymore she is still a great leader and has passed on her great mindset to her kids!

Her best friend: Swift LOVES her daughter Honey.

Her favorite thing: FOOD!

Eyes: Cleared

RACES (with us):


2015 - Sandwich Notch 20 ~ Hill Fun Run 12 miles ~ Wonalancet Fun Run 30 miles

2017 - Jefferson Fun Run 20 miles ~ Wonalancet Fun Run 30 miles ~ Hill Fun Run