Windsong's Ted E Bear

How we got him: My friend Jen, who I have known for over 20 years, breeds Shih Tzus. She told me that she wanted the boys to have their own dog. She sent us pictures of puppies and right away Jacob was in love with Teddy.

How he got his name: We discussed names for weeks. The only name we could all agree on was Teddy. Jacob likes to introduce him with his formal name of Ted E. Bear.

Some more about him: He is a funny little dog. He loves to play fetch and carry things in his mouth. He has such a great temperament for a little dog. If you are thinking of getting a little dog please contact Jen! He LOVES Jacob and I think his world revolves around him. Jacob took him through the AKC puppy STAR class and is currently working him in nose work. Unfortunately Jacob is too young to show him in any events, but one day he will be old enough.

His best friend: I think he thinks the world of Circle and Circe.

His favorite thing: JACOB!