Confused about the different letters before or after a dogs registered name?

 This page is to help you better understand the titles you may see on our website (or other websites). These titles may show up in a pedigree or on our dogs' names. There are many different titles that you can put on a dog, I have listed the ones you will see on my website.

AM stands for American, and CAN stands for Canadian. We actively show in both countries. AKC is the American Kennel Club. CKC is the Canadian Kennel Club. On other websites you may see CKC referring to Continental Kennel Club.

Titles before the name:

CH stands for champion. To get a champion in the US you need to acquire 15 points, with 2 majors. A major being at least 3 points, the most a dog can acquire at one show is 5 points. Points are calculated in each region by a "point schedule" for each breed. New England is a difficult region to show Siberian Huskies.

In Canada you need to acquire 10 points under 3 different judges, majors are not needed. The Canadian point schedule is the same for each breed.

Titles after the name:

Obedience titles

CGC stands for Canine Good Citizen. This is a basic obedience title that can be earned through the AKC. CGCA is an Advanced Canine Good Citizen test.

CD stands for Companion Dog. This is a more advanced obedience title compared to the CGC program. You obtain a title by showing in Novice A if you have never titled a dog before or Novice B if you have put an obedience title on your dog. You need to complete at least 50% of each exercise and qualify in three trials. Novice involves; heeling on lead with a figure 8, stand for exam (off lead in the US and on lead in Canada), heeling off lead, recall off lead, retrieve your leash, a long sit (1 minute) and a long down (1 minute). Not an easy task if you are familiar with the Siberian Husky. HIT stands for High In Trial, this means the dog was the highest scoring dog entered in any obedience class that day.

RN stands for Rally Novice.  Rally is in-between obedience and agility. The novice class is all on lead, you can talk to your dog during the whole course. It is lots of fun for the handler and the dog! RI is Rally Intermediate, and is an optional titling class.  RA is Rally Advanced and RE is Rally Excellent, both are off lead.

TKN is for a Novice Trick Dog title. Your dog has to perform 10 tricks for the evaluator to pass, or 5 tricks if they have their CGC title. TKI is Intermediate Trick Dog. TKA is Advanced Trick Dog. TKP is Trick Dog Performer. They have to do 10 new tricks for each title. Example: Max has his Performer title. So he knows 35 tricks.

TT stands for Temperament Tested. This is a title given out by the American Temperament Test Society. It is a fun way to really learn more about your dog's personality. To learn more about ATTS go to their website at:

ATT stands for  AKC Temperament Tested. It is a fun way to really learn more about your dog's personality. It is based on the ATTS test, but is also very different.

Working titles

WPD stands for Working Pack Dog. This is a title earned through the SHCA (Siberian Husky Club of America). A dog must travel a minimum of 40 total miles. At least two of the trips must cover a minimum of ten miles per day and no trip may cover less than five miles per day. The dog must carry a back pack with an initial weight equal to 25% of body weight. The pack may be lightened during the course of travel due to consumption of food, water, and other supplies the ending load cannot be less than 10% of body weight. All pack trips must be completed on natural terrain such as cross country excursions, hiking trails, or back country hikes.

WTD stands for Working Team Dog and WLD stands for Working Lead Dog. Both are Canadian Titles given out by the Siberian Husky Club Of Canada.

SD stands for Sled Dog, SDX is Sled Dog Excellent and SDO is Sled Dog Outstanding. All three titles are earned by Siberians through the SHCA. None of these titles are easy to earn. To read more about the rules go to:

Fun titles

RATI and RATN  are Barn Hunt titles. More about Barn Hunts: RAT, etc. are Happy Ratters titles. More about Happy Ratters: