How we got her: After the loss of my Basset Hound named Beth I went back and forth about getting another one. After a few years I saw a breeder had a female pup available because someone who had a deposit down on a female went with a male instead. It seemed like fate, and Scott said I should get her.

How she got her name: Our friend Trish Kanzler passed away from cancer just days before I saw this Basset Hound puppy. I decided to name her after Trish who was a funny and caring person. The Siberian Husky world will never be the same without Trish.

Some more about her: Trish is a challenge for sure. I think the breed in general is stubborn and hard to train. We just ignore her quirks and embrace who she is. How can anyone get upset with a dog who has such cute ears?

Her best friend: Trish loves Carrigan and Circle.

Her favorite thing: Food.