CAN CH Kiana's Khocolate Kiss CGC, TT, WPD, WLD, RE, SDO, RATI

How we got her: Valeska was born in our kennel. Her sire is a stud dog named Meeko her dam was our Kyia.

How she got her name: Bored at work I spent most of a day looking at names in a baby book. I came across the name Valeska and loved the sound of it. Because she is such a dark brown we registered her as "Khocolate Kiss"

Training and showing: Valeska is a very active dog who does not like to hold still, I cannot complain because that is what makes her the sled dog that she was. I showed Valeska to her Canadian Championship. She won at some large shows despite never holding still. I swore that her show career was over. In 2007 we took Valeska to our Yankee Specialty, she was entered in Rally Obedience, but I also entered her in the Sled Bitch class because it was free. She showed well and got an Award Of Merit over many specials. Folks there told me I had to finish her in the US because she is so nice. I never did finish her, and that will bother me forever.

I trained Valeska in obedience. She earned her Canine Good Citizen title when she was young. We decided to let her grow up before we tried anymore obedience with her. Scott showed her in Rally Obedience and finished her Rally Novice title followed by her Rally Advanced title and lastly her Rally Excellent title. They placed for two of the legs, one of them at an all breed trial, for her Rally Novice. For her Rally Advanced title she placed for all three legs, one of them at an all breed trial, one 1st place and two 2nd places. Then she took 1st place for all three of her Rally Excellent legs. Valeska earned one leg of her Companion Dog title, but we never finished getting the other 2 legs. Valeska also has her Temperament Test title.

Scott and I both hiked with Valeska to finish her Working Pack Dog title.

At 12 years old Valeska has to have a leg removed because of a tumor. We figured she would never be able to do another competition again. Then they came out with Barn Hunt, an activity that dogs with 3 legs (and deaf dogs, she is old lady deaf) can compete in. In true Valeska fashion she does it well! She got her Instinct title with ease. She finished her Novice title at almost 15 years old!

Career in harness: Valeska was Scott's main leader. She is the best sled dog we have ever had. Running and racing in lead her yearling year in harness then later becoming a crack gee/haw leader. Valeska has the most drive in our kennel and the most focus. She led Scott's team to several 1st & 2nd place wins in the 2007 & 2008 race season. Valeska has her Sled Dog Outstanding title, the first in our kennel to earn that title. It took a while since we had several years of all the races being canceled, but finally, after a few promising seasons, she finished her title.

Some more about her: I could go on and on about Valeska. In our eyes she is perfect. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. Valeska lives in the house with us and is very spoiled. We are hoping that she will live to be 20 years old. If someone asked us who our favorite dog is the answer would be Valeska. Valeska lost a leg to cancer at 12 years old. It never slowed her down and she does just fine.

Her best friend(s): I would have to say that Valeska's daughter Circe is her best friend. She also loves Dusty the Duck Toller, they can be seen snuggling up to each other all the time.

Her favorite thing: Valeska loves EVERYTHING. We always say that she wants whatever is next. She cries to get into the dog truck to go running, then cries when we get to the trail, cries when we get back from the run because she wants to get into the truck, cries when we get home because she wants to go into the back yard for dinner, then cries to go into the house because it is bed time. Valeska loves whatever is next.

Eyes: S-10051/10-118

Hips: SH-15124F43F-PI