Kiana's Act Of Valor CGC, TKN, RN, WPD, ATT
color: gray & white
eye color: brown
DOB: 7/17/18

How we got him: Valor was born in our kennel. His dad is Virgil and his mom is Rosie.

How he got his name: Valor was so Vince like we decided he needed a V name. Scott picked the name Valor as well as his registered name.

Training and showing: Valor is Scott's puppy, they completed an AKC STAR puppy class. Scott picked up training him again the spring of 2019. Valor passed his CGC test with flying colors, and then was adorable doing his tricks for his Novice Trick Dog title. Next was his Rally Novice title. He will be shown in the breed ring when he matures. He finished the requirements for his Working Pack Dog title the winter of 2019. Then earned his AKC Temperament Test title in 2020.

Career in harness: Valor will be in harness in the 2020/2021 season!

Some more about him: Valor is a friendly in your face dog. Scott can ask Valor to jump up into his arms on command.

His best friend: Valor's best friend is Eris.

His favorite thing: Valor is obsessed with Scott.

Eyes: cleared 2021

Hips: Good