Kiana's Team Captain CGC, RN, SD

How we got him: Varitek was born in our kennel. He was from our Beaver and Hailee litter.

How he got his name: Varitek reminds me of his grandmother Valeska, so I thought a "V" name would be fitting.  I named him after the Red Sox Captain, so I used that as his registered name.

Training and showing: I started showing Varitek in the conformation ring at 8 months old. Now that he is so handsome I cannot wait for him to start winning!

I started Varitek in obedience classes at a young age, and he graduated his AKC STAR puppy class. He earned his Canine Good Citizen title before a year old. Right after he turned a year old I started working on his Rally Novice title. Varitek earned his first Rally Novice leg while placing 4th at an all breed trial. Then Varitek finished his title by placing 4th at an all breed trial. He is a consistent dog. Looking forward to  working him some more, and seeing what his obedience future holds.

Career in harness: Varitek is a very hardworking dog in harness. He was a bit slow to mature, but once he did he was great. I look forward to see what he can do in years to come. Tek finished his Sled Dog title his first season in harness.

Some more about him: Varitek is a talkative, goofy guy.  I think Varitek has to be the clumsiest dog I have ever met. He once kicked me in the back of the head once, while trying to jump over me, and I almost passed out. He also once stepped on my achilles tendon and I could not walk for an hour. I cannot get mad at him though because he has such a sweet face that makes me melt when I look at him. I know he has lead potential, but I'm a bit nervous that he may end up killing me one day.

Tek is a big time mommas boy!

His best friend: Tek loves everyone, right now he likes Charger a lot.

His favorite thing: His favorite thing is to talk back.

Eyes: S11447/11-21

Hips: too young