Northome Viktor SDX

How we got him: When we visited Al & Ann Stead at Northome Kennel in Minnesota we fell in love with Viktor's sire Skippy, so of course this boy caught our eye. 

How he got his name: I never asked them how he got his name, but I do think he looks like a Viktor.

Career in harness: Viktor is a very hard working dog. Viktor ran lead with Valeska on Scott's team, and they had many nice wins. The winter of 2009 Viktor messed up a muscle in his leg, and he cannot run lead anymore. Viktor has his Sled Dog Outstanding title.

Some more about him: Viktor is a favorite in our yard. He is good with other dogs, and loves puppies. Viktor does not understand why we need days off during training season. If he had it his way we would run twice a day seven days a week. When we let Viktor loose he runs to the truck and jumps into a box.

His best friend: Viktor loves his son Lucas.

His favorite thing: I would have to say that Viktor loves running on a team more than anything else.

Eyes: S-10771/10-78

Hips: SH-17039E69M-VPI (Excellent)

Thyroid: SH-TH108/28M-NOPI

gonioscopy over 75%


Viktor is available at stud to approved bitches.