color: gray & white
eye color: brown
DOB: 5/14/08

How we got him: Vince was born in our kennel. He was from our Viktor and Valeska "V" litter. 

How he got his name: We decided to honor the parents by giving all of their kids names that began with the letter V. Scott came up with the name Vince for him. To go with his call name we named him Wild Side after a Motley Crue song, which of course, would be sung by Vince Neil.

Training and showing: Vince started off being trained for the show ring. We really wanted to finish him, but he will not hold up his ears (he thinks showing in dumb). We do not force any dog to do what they do not want.

Scott trained Vince in obedience and first earned his Canine Good Citizen title. Vince finished his Rally Novice title at the Siberian Husky National Specialty in 2009. Then Scott finished his Rally Advanced title in 2010. Vince finished his Companion Dog title in 3 straight shows in 2015.

Then for fun Scott did his Advanced Canine Good Citizen title and his Novice Trick Dog title the same day.

Vince started off LOVING Barn Hunts. He quickly earned his Instinct and Novice title. Then he got sick on the game, so we retired him while in open. Then we found Happy Ratters. We brought Vince back out and he enjoyed the game. He quickly got his RAT title. Then his HRAT title. Then his XRAT title. We decided not to start him in the Champion class.

For retirement Vince hiked to earn his Working Pack Dog title in 2019. Then in 2020 Vince earned both legs towards his AKC temperament test title. In 2021 Vince earned his Intermediate Trick Dog title.

Career in harness: Vince finished his Sled Dog Title in 5 straight races his first season in harness. Vince then finished his Sled Dog Excellent title in 2011. We were not racing as much after having the boys. So it took a while, but Vince finished his Sled Dog Outstanding title during the 2017 season.

Some more about him: Vince has a different in personality than his brother Virgil. I think he is more like his dad Viktor. As a pup we spent a lot of time with him to build his confidence. Vince is a handsome guy who loves the ladies. We knew that he would be a ladies man at 6 weeks of age when he started humping Solo.

I always love the males, and Scott loves the females. Vince is the first male I have seen Scott truly bond with. They are a team in whatever they do. Scott enjoys having Vince with him as much as possible.

His best friend: Vince loves Joker.

His favorite thing: Working in obedience with his dad!

Eyes: Cleared


2010 - Will Cowie Memorial Fun Run 24 miles ~ Eagle Lake 30 miles ~ Wonalancet Fun Run 15 miles ~ Brownville 30 miles ~ The Wilderness Race 30 miles

2011 - Bristol Falls Fun Run ~ Stratford Nighthawks 30/30 ~ The Wilderness Race 30 miles ~ Sandwich Notch 45 miles ~ Wonalancet Fun Run 15 miles ~ To the Dam & Back ~ Groveton Season Ender

2012 - Wonalancet Fun Run 15 miles ~ Stratford Nighthawks 17 miles

2013 - Wonalancet Fun Run 15 miles (1st place)

2014 - Wonalancet Fun Run 15 miles ~ Hill Fun Run 12 miles

2015 - Sandwich Notch 20 ~ Hill Fun Run 12 miles ~ Wonalancet Fun Run 30 miles

2017 - Jefferson Fun Run 20 miles ~ Wonalancet Fun Run 30 miles ~ Brownville Maine 40 miles ~ Chinook Trail 25 miles ~ The Great North Woods Challenge ~ Hill Fun Run

2018 - Milan Fun Run 16 miles ~ Nansen Ski Club Sled Dog Race 17 miles ~ Chinook Trail 14 miles ~ Blue Mountain Sled Dog Race 19 miles ~ Hill Fun Run

2019 - Carpe Diem 9 miles ~ Jefferson Fun Run 17 miles each day ~ Wonalancet 11 miles  (for another kennel) ~ Blue Mountain Sled Dog Race 18 miles (for another kennel) ~ Nansen Winter Carnival 13 miles each day ~ Great North Woods Challenge 16 miles