Kiana's Power When You Need It
color: gray & white
eye color: blue
DOB: 7/5/17

How we got him: Oliver was born in our kennel. His sire is Kelim Siberians Dean and our Carrigan.

How he got his name: I was watching a tractor pull with Jacob when the announcer said "The next tractor is an old Allis-Chalmers" and I thought what a cool name for a dog. So his sister became Allis. Then I thought what is a cool tractor name for a boy? I looked around and saw an old Oliver tractor. So he became Oliver. His registered name is their slogan.

Training and showing: I'm not sure who will train him.

Career in harness: He will start his career in the 2018/2019 season.

Some more about him: He is a gentle soul. Not real affectionate, but is sweet. He is very smart and learns quickly.

His best friends: Oliver is kenneled with Ellie.

His favorite thing: Eating!

Eyes: not done yet