Adult Males

Kiana's Heat Lightning CGC, RN, TKN, SDO, FITS (retired)

iana's Maximilian CGCA, TKE, RN, SD, WPD, ATT, VHMA, BCAT, FITB

Kiana's Act Of Valor CGC, TKN, RN, WPD, ATT, BCAT

Kiana's Web Slinger ATT, CGC, TKN, RN

Kiana's Mister Man CGC, TKN

Snoebear's Days Of Future Past (page coming soon)


Kiana's Mister

Alkasiber's Spirit Of The Sun At Kiana (page coming soon)

Other males

Blackdales Bobby Dazzler CGC, TKN, VHMA, ATT

Heart Song's Diamond In The Ruff TKI, CGC, ATT, RN, VHMA, BCAT, FITB, SBN, SCN, SEN



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