color: red & white
eye color: amber
DOB: 7/19/00
Main Leader
Eyes: S-10051/10-118
Photo Gallery


CAN CH Kiana's Khocolate Kiss CGC, TT, WPD, WLD, RE, SDO, RATI, RATN
~ US pointed ~

The 5 puppies on your left is from Valeska's litter with Ben whelped 5/4/03.

From this litter we kept:
Kiana's Majikal Kiss WPD, CGC

Mannie is the sire of the 6 puppies whelped 5-22-06

 We currently/have own(ed):
Kiana's Enchantress CGC, RA, SDO, RATI
Kiana's Wicked Winter CGC, RN, SDX
Kiana's Leave It To Beaver RN, SDO
Kiana's Diesel Of Aniscar CGC, RN, SD, RATI, RATN
Viktor is the sire of the 5 puppies whelped 5-14-08
We currently/have own(ed):
Kiana's Wild Side CGC, RA, SDX, CD, RATI, RATN
Kiana's Heat Lightning CGC, RN, SDX
Kiana's Vale CGC, RN, SD

CH Alkas'iber's Tres Pete is the sire of 5 puppies whelped 8-23-10
From this litter we kept
Kiana's Mopar Muscle RN
Kiana's Super Nova
Valeska is the grand-dam of:
Kiana's Team Captain CGC, RN, SD
Kiana's Midnight Cowboy CGC, RN

Kiana's Carrigan Mountain
Kiana's Life Of Pi CGC, RN, RATI