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Where we are dedicated to the multi-purpose Siberian Husky; show, sledding and obedience. Our goal is to breed dogs like our own Valeska, pictured on your right. Valeska was a Canadian Champion and was also pointed in the US. She was also obedience titled. Valeska was the main leader on Scott's competitive race team for many years, and raced for me once older. We are very proud of our crazy little sled dog who had her Sled Dog Outstanding title.

We have owned 7 American Champions, and 9 Canadian Champions. For obedience titles we have personally put 40 Canine Good Citizen titles on our dogs, 3 Advanced Canine Good Citizen, 7 American Companion Dog titles, 3 Canadian Companion Dog titles, 31 Rally Novice titles, 2 Rally Intermediate titles, 3 Rally Advanced titles, and 1 Rally Excellent title. We have also put 16 Novice Trick titles on our dogs, 6 Intermediate Trick titles, 1 Advanced Trick Dog title, 1 Performer Trick Dog title and 1 Performer Elite Trick Dog (the highest title that can be earned in Trick Dog). We have also finished 4 Virtual Home Manners Adult titles. We recently started doing AKC temperament tests and have finished 14 titles in this new event. Our proudest accomplishment is that we have finished 42 Sled Dog titles, 21 Sled Dog Excellent titles and 8 Sled Dog Outstanding titles. We have also put 15 Working Pack Dog titles on our dogs. We have also worked our dogs in Barn Hunts, and have put  6 Instinct titles, and 3 Novice titles on our dogs. We also went to Happy Ratter Trials, and finished 2 Ratter titles, and 1 Expert Ratter title. Circe also earned her AKC Farm Dog Certificate! A new adventure for us is FastCat, and we have finished 4 BCAT titles so far. The winter of 2023 AKC started a titling program with Fit Dog. We have finished 7 AKC Fit Dog Bronze titles, and 3 AKC Fit Dog Silver titles. I also play in scentwork with my Lab and he has earned his overall Novice title, and he is working in advanced.

Thank you for visiting our site. We have over 200 pages for you to view. Feel free to e-mail us at: corina@kianasiberians.com or call us at: 603-286-2652.



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